Rep. Van Orden Believes Biden’s Presidency has Compromised the Nation

Anatomy of a Failed Presidency

President Biden’s State of the Union address last night should have started and ended with a sincere apology to the American people.

He is directly responsible for abandoning thousands of American citizens and our allies to terrorists in Afghanistan; reversing effective border policies leading to the worst immigration crisis in American history, with over eight million illegal aliens entering the country.

Under his leadership, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has failed to follow the rule of law, including not detaining and deporting criminal illegal aliens who have committed heinous crimes against our law enforcement personnel and young people, such as the brutal murder of Laken Riley.

In a shocking revelation, it was recently disclosed that President Biden has flown as many as 320,000 illegal aliens from their home countries to America without disclosing where they are being dropped off, leaving local communities responsible for their care.

President Biden is responsible for record inflation, making it difficult for American families to afford groceries and fuel. Additionally, he has made the American Dream of home ownership seem unattainable for many.

By undermining American energy dominance, he has pushed our allies into the hands of Vladimir Putin and Iranian mullahs, funding destructive wars and terrorist attacks against our allies.

President Biden’s mishandling of foreign affairs has made the United States a global laughingstock, bringing us closer to World War III than ever before. His projection of weakness has led to low morale in the military and the worst recruiting numbers in decades.

Americans are worse off now than they were three years ago, and the blame lies with President Biden and his administration.

U.S. Rep. Derrick Francis Van Orden, R-Wis., represents the state of Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District. He is a retired United States Navy SEAL.

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