Republican Representative Comer tells Newsmax that Democrats attempted to intimidate Bobulinski

Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., told Newsmax on Tuesday that in all his years in Congress, he has never seen Democrats behave the way they did in trying to intimidate Tony Bobulinski while he gave a deposition behind closed doors to the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability.

Bobulinski is a key figure in the impeachment inquiry lead by Comer, chair of the Oversight Committee, and House Republicans into allegations of influence peddling and other criminal activity involving President Joe Biden and members of his family. Bobulinski was a business associate of Biden’s son Hunter Biden.

“I’ve never seen such witness intimidation as what I saw today,” Comer told “Rob Schmitt Tonight.” “It wasn’t necessarily from the Democrat staff who were leading the deposition. It was from the members. It was from Jamie Raskin [of Maryland]. It was from [Dan] Goldman [of New York]. It was from Robert Garcia [of California]. It was from [Jasmine] Crockett [of Texas].

“They were wagging their fingers. They were pointing. They were yelling. They were calling Tony Bobulinski a liar. They were telling him to shut up. Tony Bobulinski is an American hero. He stood there. He told the truth. He went under oath. They can’t handle the truth, Rob. The Democrats can’t handle the truth.”

In a statement on the Oversight Committee website, Comer said Democrats put on a “shameful display as they yelled at Mr. Bobulinski, cut him off, belittled him, and threatened him. It’s behavior that I’ve frankly never seen before in a transcribed interview.”

In a post on X during the deposition Tuesday, Garcia wrote: “I’m two hours into Tony Bobulinski’s unhinged and uncredible testimony in this impeachment scam. He has produced zero evidence linking President Biden to any business deals. Zero. This is the same person who attended the second presidential debate in 2020 and spoke at a Trump campaign press conference. When I asked him who got him into the debate, he said he didn’t know. LOL, what a joke.”

Comer said Bobulinski confirmed previous testimony that Joe Biden was “the brand” being sold to enrich the family and that he interacted with the president; the president has denied any contact with his son’s business associates.

Comer also said Bobulinski gave details into how Biden broke down barriers to help CEFC China Energy, which has ties to the Chinese Communist Party, which was seeking to implement its Belt and Road Initiative in the U.S. The initiative seeks to expand China’s global economic influence around the world, and it has expanded its efforts to western Asia, eastern Europe, Africa, and South America, according to the Council on Foreign Relations.

“Everything that Congress agrees on in a bipartisan manner with respect to China, preventing China from owning farmland, preventing China from buying manufacturing companies, from buying energy companies, this is what CEFC was doing,” Comer said. “They were the investment arm of the Chinese Communist Party that was trying to infiltrate our American markets and start taking over our markets.

“They had all this cash and they wanted to invest it in anything they could, and the Bidens were there to help them remove barriers of entry to our markets.”

Comer also said Bobulinski confirmed that Biden tried to help CEFC while he was vice president.

“All of the negotiations with the Chinese happened during the Obama/Biden administration,” Comer said. “That’s another lie we’ve caught Joe Biden in. He said nothing happened until after he was vice president. It all happened while he was.”


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