Republican Representative McCaul Announces Arms Sales to Taiwan

During a visit to Taipei, a senior U.S. lawmaker stated that the weapons Taiwan had ordered are finally en route. The recent “intimidating” war games by China emphasized the need to enhance Taiwan’s deterrence capabilities.

China asserts its authority over Taiwan, while Taiwan’s government rejects Beijing’s claims. Delays in the delivery of U.S. weapons to Taiwan have been attributed to manufacturers prioritizing orders for Ukraine’s defense against Russia for the past two years.

Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, assured the delivery of the promised weapons during his visit to Taiwan last year. He emphasized that China’s recent military activities sent a strong message to the United States.

McCaul, along with a bipartisan U.S. delegation, met with Taiwan President Lai Ching-te and discussed the importance of Taiwan having adequate military resources to prevent a potential invasion.

The delegation included Reps. Young Kim, Joe Wilson, Andy Barr, Jimmy Panetta, and Chrissy Houlahan. McCaul stressed the significance of maritime weapons like Harpoon missiles for Taiwan’s defense strategy.

McCaul also reassured continued U.S. support for Taiwan, regardless of the outcome of the presidential election. President Lai affirmed Taiwan’s commitment to enhancing national defense capabilities.

China strongly objected to the U.S. delegation’s visit to Taiwan, and the Chinese Foreign Ministry expressed discontent. Beijing had imposed sanctions on McCaul after his previous visit to Taiwan.

China has escalated pressure on Taiwan over the past few years, with frequent military activities near the island. Taiwan’s defense ministry reported Chinese military presence in the vicinity, prompting concerns about potential military exercises off the coast.

Despite the tensions, Taiwan remains vigilant and prepared to defend its territory. The history of the Republic of China’s relocation to Taiwan after losing the civil war with the Communists in 1949 highlights the longstanding conflict with Beijing.

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