RFK Jr. Tells Newsmax: Biden and Censors Targeting Always the ‘Bad Guys’

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Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. joined Newsmax on Tuesday to discuss his recent comments about President Joe Biden, reaffirming his belief that Biden poses a greater threat to Democracy than Donald Trump, despite attempts by CNN to discredit him.

In a conversation with “Eric Bolling The Balance”, Kennedy defended his views, emphasizing the historical consequences of censoring free speech and accusing the federal institutions under Biden of being politicized against Trump.

Kennedy’s remarks on CNN on Monday night caused a stir, with the network spinning his comments to create controversy. However, Kennedy stood by his statement, invoking the importance of free speech as a safeguard against totalitarianism.

Referencing dystopian literature he read as a child, Kennedy highlighted the crucial role of free speech in upholding democracy, warning against the dangers of censorship. He argued that silencing opposition allows governments to commit atrocities unchecked.

Addressing concerns about Biden’s handling of Trump and potential lawfare, Kennedy acknowledged the delicate balance between accountability and the politicization of law enforcement. He stressed the need for impartiality and respect for democratic institutions.

Reflecting on his family’s legacy, Kennedy recalled his father’s commitment to upholding the rule of law without partisan bias. He lamented the current trend of weaponizing government institutions for political gain, citing the targeting of Trump during the election process.

Despite his criticisms of Trump, Kennedy expressed a desire for fair competition in elections and denounced efforts to suppress voter participation. He emphasized the importance of preserving democratic norms and ensuring a level playing field for all candidates.


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