Ric Grenell tells Newsmax that Smith and DOJ lack evidence against Trump

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Former Ambassador Ric Grenell, in response to additional charges filed against former President Donald Trump and others, stated that if there was a valid case, the Department of Justice would not be targeting the president’s staff. Grenell labeled the actions of the DOJ as vindictive and nasty, arguing that they are attempting to intimidate individuals into providing false information. The superseding indictment in question has added charges against Trump, his aide Walt Nauta, and Mar-a-Lago maintenance worker Carlos De Oliveira. Grenell also criticized the state of corruption within Washington, D.C., highlighting that those in power, including politicians, media, and bureaucrats, are ignorant of it. He contested the basis of the documents case, asserting that the President has full authority to declassify information and that the Presidential Records Act cannot be used against him. Grenell criticized the special counsel, Jack Smith, for a history of overreaching in legal cases, citing one case against the president of Kosovo as an example. He concluded that the weaponization of government is fueling support for Trump, and that the American people need to wake up to corruption and take action to stop it.

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