Senate Democrats Attempt to Pressure Republicans into Passing IVF Legislation

Senators Tammy Duckworth, D-Illinois, and Patty Murray, D-Washington, are working to safeguard in vitro fertilization and other fertility treatments following a recent ruling by the Alabama Supreme Court that classified embryos as “babies.”

This decision has caused confusion across the country, prompting politicians from all sides to take a stand.

The Access to Family Building Act was reintroduced last month to ensure access to IVF and supersede any state regulations that could limit these services.

“IVF is the reason I have been able to experience the chaos, beauty, stress, and joy of motherhood,” Duckworth stated during a press conference on Tuesday.

Duckworth is pushing for unanimous consent, forcing Republicans to take a stand on the issue as a single dissenter could block the bill. The senator from Illinois has two daughters of her own through IVF.

“If you truly value the importance of families and genuinely want to protect IVF, then you must demonstrate this by allowing this bill to proceed,” Duckworth emphasized.

Viewing reproductive rights as a winning agenda, Democrats are seizing on the Alabama ruling to pressure Republicans to either support their bill or oppose it and face consequences in the November elections.

“Republicans will bear the responsibility for the repercussions of overturning Roe v. Wade, while Democrats are committed to protecting women, families, and reproductive freedom at all costs,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-New York, proclaimed during the press conference. “Republicans will soon realize that the American people will not easily forget attacks on personal freedoms.”

Former President Donald Trump shared his stance on the IVF matter during a recent campaign event, stating, “Under my leadership, the Republican Party will always advocate for strong, thriving, healthy American families. We aim to make it easier for parents to have children, not harder!”

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