Senator Tim Scott endorsed Trump based on his policies, not to secure a VP position

Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., has officially endorsed former President Donald Trump over his longtime fellow Palmetto State candidate Nikki Haley, but he insists the decision was not to elbow his way into vice presidential consideration.

“The only thing I want is four more years of Donald Trump and a Republican majority in the Senate, majority in the House and the White House, so that poor kids who are today growing up in neighborhoods like I grew up in have a chance for quality education,” Scott told CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday.

“I want kids to look to their future and believe that America is their oyster. They can have whatever they want. That’s what I really want.”

Scott noted Trump’s platform – not a Cabinet position or a state tie to Haley – was the true reason for the endorsement, because Trump helps bootstrap the poor greater than the alternatives.

“If I can help achieve that through my endorsement by being on the campaign trail in my home state of South Carolina for the next four or five weeks, and then beyond, that’s the goal,” Scott continued.

“If you don’t think about yourself, but think about the country first, we will be in good shape.”

Scott did not rule out accepting being a vice president to Trump

“You can take it any way you want,” he said when pressed.

“My goal is to do one thing. It’s always going to do the same thing, make America and Americans believe in our future in the way that we do not today. Whatever that takes.”

Scott did break from Trump, when pressed, on Jan. 6 inmates still not prosecuted by President Joe Biden’s “weaponized” Justice Department being called “hostages.”

“I would say that every single person facing our justice system should have justice done,” Scott said during an apparently uncomfortable back and forth. “The facts and the evidence in each individual case matters. I have confidence that that process will play out. Here’s what I said also in the book that I wrote. I talked about January the 6th, because I’m one of the few people who was actually there with the people outside; 99% of the people who showed up were there to exercise their First Amendment rights.

What I said then is what I will say now: I don’t hold those people at harm. I don’t hold them responsible for the actions of a few. I do hold the few responsible, no one else.”

After being pressed by CNN to pin him down on breaking from calling them “hostages,” as Trump has in campaign rallies, Scott said: “Just for a third time, yes.

“We should have confidence in restoring the blindfold to Lady Justice’s eyes,” he said.

As for Haley fallout, Scott said was in contact with Haley.

“I texted her the day before I made my announcement,” Scott told CNN.

Ultimately, it was not about friends. It was about policy.

“Here’s the question: I’m not asking a question about who’s from my home state,” he said. “I’m not asking a question who is a good person or a better person.

“I think President Donald Trump is a strong president, will be a strong president again, and will have the kind of accomplishments that will unite this nation around economic opportunity.”

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