Stop Talking With Communist China, Start Defending America

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Veni, vidi, vici. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken came to Beijing, saw and kowtowed to Xi Jinping, and yet another American diplomat was conquered by communist China’s “endless delay” negotiating strategy.

I know this negotiating strategy all too well from my four years in the Trump White House trying to negotiate an end to Beijing’s unfair trade, cyber attacks on the United States, suppression of Hong Kong, and various other forms of aggression and Chinese imperialism. Indeed, on more than one occasion, I sat across the table from stone-faced diplomatic dalliers—and Xi himself—knowing that their only goal was to induce more delay in any U.S. definitive action.

In his latest display of diplomacy, the deepness of Blinken’s kowtow was startling. Blinken needlessly renounced any U.S. support for Taiwan’s independence. He also made the absurd claim, despite abundant evidence to the contrary, that “China’s broad economic success is also in our interest.”

Memo to the Biden administration: communist China continues its relentless economic aggression against the United States, which has already lost tens of thousands of factories and millions of jobs to what I have accurately described as China’s “seven deadly sins.”

These sins begin with the relentless hacking of America’s business, government, and, yes, personal computers. They include massive intellectual property theft, counterfeiting and piracy, the forced transfer of American technology in exchange for market access to China, equally massive government subsidies that cripple the ability of American businesses to compete fairly, Chinese state-owned enterprises that use predatory pricing to crush foreign competitors, and highly corrosive currency manipulation.

Last, and most deadly, communist China continues to export tons upon tons and barrels upon barrels of the toxic chemicals used by the Mexican drug cartels to produce the fentanyl that is now killing over 50,000 Americans a year.

In the face of this relentless aggression, there is really nothing to negotiate about on the economy. If communist China doesn’t immediately cease this aggression, the United States must equally immediately begin to decouple—not “de-risk and diversify” as the Biden administration would have it.

Along these lines, there is also nothing to negotiate with respect to the Trump tariffs I helped design. They remain in place and, if anything, they should be raised and extended to other products. These Trump tariffs must endure because communist China continues to commit its seven deadly sins of economic aggression.

As for Xi’s arming of the Russian military to crush Ukraine, Blinken tip-toed around it. This is nothing short of tragic because here’s the real game afoot: Xi’s cooperation with Vladimir Putin’s Russian Bear is his own quid pro quo for Russian support of what will inevitably be communist China’s invasion of Taiwan. That is inevitable unless Taiwan “peacefully” submits to going under the Chinese boot.

There is likewise nothing to negotiate with respect to communist China’s human rights abuses. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is committed to cultural genocide and ethnic cleansing in Xinjiang and Tibet, and it will brook no interference whatsoever in this brutality—even as it censures Christians and slaughters Falun Gong practitioners.

Of course, if American negotiators even dare raise this particular issue, the CCP will throw back in our face all of the various racial and religious divides in our country, as if there were any moral equivalence in communist China. There isn’t!

Finally, there are the very alarming issues of a massive spy balloon that flew across our country’s sensitive military installations and the incredibly dangerous Cuban fortress that China is now building—neither were even mentioned in Blinken’s presser.

This was a huge oversight as the Cuba fort, in particular, poses an existential threat. It will be used not just to monitor American communications and surveil our shipping traffic but also to launch offensive cyber and electronic warfare attacks against our networks and infrastructure should our two countries ever go on a war footing, for example, over Taiwan. Here, we should simply tell communist China to get the Hades out of Cuba and don’t expect anything in return.

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