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Migrant Crossings At Southern Border Increase As Title 42 Policy Expires
EL PASO, TEXAS - MAY 11: Immigrants walk through razor wire surrounding a makeshift migrant camp after crossing the border from Mexico on May 11, 2023 in El Paso, Texas. The number of immigrants reaching the border has surged with the end of the U.S. government's Covid-era Title 42 policy, which for the past three years has allowed for the quick expulsion of irregular migrants entering the country. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)
(Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

OAN’s Abril Elfi
3:42 PM – Monday, January 22, 2024

The Supreme Court has ruled that the federal government is allowed to remove the razor wire on the United States-Mexico border. 


On Monday, the Supreme Court approved in a 5-4 decision to remove the razor wire stationed by Governor Greg Abbott (R-Texas.).

Chief Justice John Roberts, Justice Amy Coney Barrett, Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, and Justice Elena Kegan voted to approve the request.

The border dispute intensified earlier this month, when the Texas National Guard and the Texas Department of Public Safety installed fences and razor wire in a riverside park in Eagle Pass, Texas. 

The primary boat ramp in the area is located in the park, which was closed to the U.S. Border Patrol agents by state law enforcement.

The situation worsened once more when three migrants—a woman and two children—drowned in the Rio Grande just outside the park. 

According to Border Patrol officials, Texas National Guard members blocked federal officials from reaching the river to save the migrants.

Barrett, who was appointed to the court by 45th President Donald Trump, faced backlash after siding with President Joe Biden. 

Lawyer Marina Medvin criticized Barrett and Roberts for supporting the Biden Administration on the decision to remove the razor wire. 

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