Supreme Court’s Decision on Affirmative Action Ignites Debate Over Equality

According to the Supreme Court’s latest ruling, race is no longer a factor in college admissions. How could this decision impact students across the country, and how is President Joe Biden reacting?

Worsened air quality in Washington and across much of the upper portion of the United States is leading to renewed calls for a climate emergency. Some lawmakers are pushing to block Biden from declaring one.

New estimates say that America’s debt will climb to a record high toward the end of the decade, despite the debt limit deal lawmakers reached earlier this year.

House Republicans are taking more steps to probe the alleged Biden scheme, requesting interviews with key officials from the administration.

Former Vice President Mike Pence is visiting Ukraine Thursday and talking about ongoing military support. He’s the first Republican presidential candidate to visit the country.

What’s the situation right now in Russia following the Wagner mutiny? A former Putin adviser joins us to unpack the situation.

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