Texas Lieutenant Governor Patrick Calls Judge from New York ‘Entirely Corrupt’

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick criticized New York Democratic Judge Juan Merchan as “absolutely corrupt” for silencing former President Donald Trump.

“After spending a day with President Trump at the trial, I wanted to share my thoughts and observations with Texas and the nation,” Patrick wrote in a post on X on Friday, along with a 4-minute video statement.

Patrick condemned the gag order imposed by the Democrat judge, preventing the president from exposing Merchan’s corrupt dealings, including his support for President Joe Biden’s campaign and his daughter’s fundraising efforts for anti-Trump congressional Democrats.

“I spent the day in court with the president recently, and it’s evident that the judge is completely corrupt,” Patrick said in the video statement. “He is actively assisting the jury in finding a way to convict the president.”

Merchan is presiding over the legal expense trial initiated by Democrat prosecutor Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, and Patrick pointed out that the judge’s rulings during the trial are biased and corrupt, favoring the prosecution.

“The judge prevented an expert witness on campaign finance from testifying that the president did not violate any campaign finance laws,” Patrick explained. “Despite the president’s lawyers requesting the jury be informed that there was no campaign violation, the judge refused. This biased judge granted almost all of the jury instructions requested by the Biden prosecutors and denied most of the defense’s instructions. This trial is a sham, reminiscent of dictatorships in third-world countries like North Korea, China, Iran, and Russia. No one could have imagined this in America.”

Trump argued in a series of Truth Social posts on Friday that he was not responsible for any actions, alleging that the “legal expense” payments were made without his knowledge and that the payment to Michael Cohen was for the attorney’s services, not the candidate or himself.

“If they can target a former president with resources to fight back, they can target you and any American,” Patrick warned.

“There is no crime, no evidence of wrongdoing, but they are prosecuting President Donald Trump because they know they cannot defeat him in November,” Patrick continued. “No one else would endure what Trump is going through for the American people. He is the only candidate who can restore American security and prosperity. Despite all the challenges he faces, he refuses to give up because he understands the future of our nation is at stake. He is a true friend, putting everything on the line, including his freedom, for us. No other president has faced as much hostility as he has, and yet he remains steadfast in his commitment to the American people.”

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