Trump Aims to Overwhelm Haley in ‘Super Tuesday’ States

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Donald Trump is poised to solidify his grasp on the Republican presidential nomination on Tuesday as millions of Americans head to the polls for one of the most crucial days in the US electoral calendar.

Known as “Super Tuesday,” this day marks the largest single day of voting in the primary cycle, with contests in 15 states and one territory. It is traditionally a pivotal moment in the race for the presidential nomination.

This year, however, the suspense of previous elections will be largely absent, with Trump expected to continue his dominance of Republican primary states, effectively closing the door on his sole remaining challenger, Nikki Haley.

In a weekend rally in Richmond, Virginia, Trump expressed confidence in his path to the Republican nomination, citing his victories in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina.

Looking beyond the primary, Trump declared to his supporters that “The biggest day in the history of our country is November 5,” referring to the autumn presidential election.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden faces his own primary contest on the Democrat side, with his victory considered a formality despite trailing Trump in most swing state polls for the general election.

As the lineup of states up for grabs includes significant battlegrounds like California and Texas, candidates have the opportunity to secure 70 percent of the delegates needed to become the presumptive nominee.

Although Trump may not mathematically clinch the nomination on Tuesday night, his campaign anticipates that he will be anointed by March 19 at the latest.

Haley, making an argument for electability, emphasizes the rejection of Trumpism in recent votes and warns of the chaos surrounding Trump’s candidacy, citing allegations against him.

As Trump faces legal challenges and uncertainties surrounding his 2020 federal election conspiracy trial, Haley’s remarks about potentially breaking her pledge to support Trump if he becomes the nominee have sparked speculation about a potential third-party run.

Biden, who is set to deliver his annual State of the Union address, faces some division among Democrats but is expected to surpass minor challengers in his primary.

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