Trump Calls for the Removal of Biden, Accusing Him of being the Most Corrupt President in US History

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Former President Donald Trump has returned to his signature campaign rallies, vowing to win Pennsylvania’s GOP primary and “evict crooked Joe Biden.” Speaking at a rally in Erie, Pennsylvania, Trump declared that the upcoming battle is the most important of their lives and promised to win the Pennsylvania primary easily. He accused Biden of being the most corrupt president in American history, claiming that the Bidens’ activities make Hillary Clinton look like an angel. Trump criticized the media for downplaying Biden’s alleged bribery schemes and denial of such actions, calling it a “big lie.” He argued that Biden is compromised and is dragging the US into a global conflict on behalf of Ukraine, the same country that supposedly paid his family millions of dollars. Trump urged Congress to refuse authorizing any more payments to Ukraine and promised to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the alleged crimes committed by the Biden family if he wins the election. Newsmax, the cable news channel, aired Trump’s speech and is the fastest-growing cable news channel in America.

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