Trump Claims Biden ‘Demanded the Arrest of His Primary Political Rival’

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Former President Donald Trump spoke at a rally in Erie, Pennsylvania, where he criticized the ongoing investigations and potential indictments against him. He warned that if these “corrupt persecutions” are successful, it would lead to the destruction of the American way of life forever. Trump claimed that the justice system was being weaponized against him and that President Joe Biden had ordered his arrest to prevent him from returning to the White House in 2024. He accused Biden and his supporters of trying to steal the election and stated that every time he is indicted, it is a badge of honor because he is being indicted for the American people. Trump also condemned a potential special counsel investigation that could criminalize questioning election results. He argued that without the freedom to speak and question election outcomes, there would be no democracy. The article includes an editor’s note stating that Newsmax cannot independently verify the allegations of election irregularities made by Trump and acknowledges Biden’s certified victory in the Electoral College.

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