Trump Political Action Committee to Utilize Donations for Legal Expenses

Some of the contributions to the “Trump 47” joint fundraising committee will be redirected to the Save America PAC, which is commonly utilized to cover former President Donald Trump’s legal expenses, as reported by NBC News.

NBC obtained this information from a donation contribution form and highlighted the deviation from the usual path of donations to joint fundraising groups. Typically, donations are allocated to candidates’ campaigns and national and state parties.

In this particular case, contributions to Trump 47 will first go to the Trump campaign before being transferred to the Save America PAC, once individual donors reach the maximum limit for campaign contributions.

After a donor reaches the limit for the campaign and the Save America PAC, funds will then be distributed to the Republican National Committee followed by individual state Republican parties, according to NBC News.

The maximum annual contribution to a leadership PAC is $5,000, meaning only a portion of major donors’ contributions will be used for legal bills. A larger percentage of smaller contributions from donors will be allocated to legal expenses instead of being directed to the RNC, NBC News added.

In response to the situation, Trump campaign communications director Steven Cheung stated to NBC News, “Save America also covers a very active and robust post-Presidency office and other various expenses not related to fighting the illegal witch-hunts perpetrated by Crooked Joe Biden.” Cheung emphasized that the majority of funds raised through the Trump 47 Committee will ultimately benefit the Trump campaign, RNC, and state GOP parties.

Cheung also noted that only a fraction of an individual donor’s maximum contribution will go to Save America.

Newsmax reached out to the Trump campaign for comment but did not receive an immediate response.

Meanwhile, according to a Federal Election Commission filing, Trump’s Save America PAC spent around $5.6 million on legal expenses last month, surpassing the amount it received by about $600,000. The Save America PAC has reportedly expended over $77 million in the past two years on legal fees related to multiple lawsuits and criminal cases, as reported by The Associated Press.

As of the beginning of March, Save America had roughly $4 million in cash on hand and owed over $500,000 in legal fees, according to the FEC filing.

Trump has consistently denied any wrongdoing and criticized the numerous felony charges and lawsuits as partisan efforts to undermine his presidential campaign.

Jeffrey Rodack

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