U.S. Senate Passes Bill to Declassify Covid-19 Origin Intelligence; Vaccine Whistleblower Hearing

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The U.S. Senate wants government intelligence on the origins of Covid-19 declassified. A bill to do just that passed with unanimous consent on Mar. 1. We hear what Senators have to say about it.

Pfizer’s clinical trials for the Covid vaccine were in the crosshairs on Mar. 1. A Trump-appointed judge listened to arguments in a vaccine whistleblower case. Find out what happened.

A firefighter dies in Buffalo, New York. He was trapped inside a burning building that partially collapsed. Dramatic footage shows the structure coming down, and knocking firefighters to the ground. Find out what officials think caused the blaze.

Topics in this episode include:

1. Congress Votes to Block ESG Investing
2. Senate Moves to Declassify Covid-19 Origin Intelligence
3. Covid Vaccine Whistleblower Hearing
4. Merrick Garland Appears Before Senate Judiciary Committee
5. Biden Admin. Approves $619M Arms Sale to Taiwan
6. Mid-Air Scare on Lufthansa Flight
7. Man Places Explosive Device in Airplane Luggage
8. Firefighter Dies in Line of Duty in Buffalo, New York
9. Most Young Americans Unfit for Military Service
10. Why to Avoid Processed Foods: Doctor
11. 12-Year-Old Surfs to Raise Money for Good Cause
12. National Cherry Blossom Festival 2023

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