Warning: Biden Declares US Will Not Provide Weapons for Israel to Attack Rafah

In a recent interview with CNN, President Joe Biden made it clear that the United States will not provide offensive weapons to Israel for an all-out assault on Rafah, the last major Hamas stronghold in Gaza. Biden expressed concern for the well-being of the over 1 million civilians seeking shelter in Rafah. Instead, the U.S. will continue to support Israel’s defense by supplying defensive arms like Iron Dome rocket interceptors.

The decision to pause a shipment of heavy bombs to Israel last week was prompted by fears that Israel was moving towards a full-scale assault on Rafah despite warnings from the U.S. government. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin confirmed the delay, citing concerns about using larger explosives in a densely populated area like Rafah.

Israel’s military operations in Rafah have drawn scrutiny from the Biden administration, leading to a temporary hold on certain weapon shipments. The administration is reviewing its security assistance in light of the ongoing situation in Rafah.

While the U.S. has historically provided significant military aid to Israel, recent developments have strained the relationship between the two countries. Biden’s administration is facing pressure to reevaluate its support for Israel, particularly in light of the escalating conflict in Gaza.

Lawmakers on both sides have weighed in on the issue, with some calling for a swift resumption of military aid to Israel, while others advocate for a more measured approach. The U.S. is reevaluating its arms shipments to ensure they are appropriate for the situation at hand.

The Biden administration continues to monitor the situation in Rafah closely, emphasizing the need for precision and caution in military operations to minimize civilian casualties. The U.S. is committed to supporting Israel’s defense while also advocating for the protection of innocent lives in Gaza.

It remains to be seen how the U.S.-Israel relationship will evolve in the coming days as the conflict in Gaza unfolds. The Biden administration faces tough decisions regarding military aid and support for Israel amidst mounting international pressure and concerns about civilian welfare.

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