Washington Post Columnist Criticizes Biden’s Economic Message as ‘Populist’ and Silly

Washington Post columnist and CNN commentator Catherine Rampell criticized President Joe Biden’s economic messaging, calling it “silly.”

Rampell mentioned Biden’s endorsement of an “anti-shrinkflation” bill as an example of populist talking points aimed at showing that the administration is fighting for the American public’s finances.

During his State of the Union address, Biden highlighted economic progress and emphasized measures to make the wealthy pay more taxes, cap credit card late fees, and lower prescription drug prices.

Biden also addressed the issue of “shrinkflation” during his speech, referring to companies raising prices by reducing product sizes slightly.

Rampell suggested that Biden focus more on criticizing Trump’s economic agenda, highlighting potential inflationary policies that could have adverse effects on consumer prices.

Solange Reyner

Solange Reyner is a writer and editor for Newsmax with over 15 years of experience in journalism covering news, sports, and politics.

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