‘Wisconsin Experiences ‘Seismic Shift’ as New Liberal Supreme Court Takes Charge’

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has experienced a major shift in its political makeup, with the swearing in of liberal Justice Janet Protasiewicz. This has resulted in tensions between conservative and liberal groups in the state. Wisconsin is seen as a crucial battleground for the upcoming presidential election, and the GOP considers it a must-win if they want to regain the White House. State supreme courts across the country have gained more power, particularly in determining election outcomes and abortion policies. With the liberal majority on the court, lawsuits have been filed by liberal groups to redraw legislative districts and challenge restrictive abortion laws. Conservatives are strategizing ways to keep important issues away from the new justices, such as proposing amendments to the state constitution. There has also been talk of impeaching the new justice for alleged constitutional violations. The shift on the court is a result of an April election that followed the retirement of a conservative justice.

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