Alvin Bragg calls for punishment of NYC’s anti-Israel serial agitators

Arrested for disorderly conduct on Tuesday, the disorder mastermind (for pay!) Manolo De Los Santos was walking free the next day.

Hey, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg: How about getting serious and creative in investigating, charging, and criminally prosecuting the career agitators encouraging chaos across the city?

Yes, De Los Santo, the 35-year-old leftist zealot and co-executive director of The People’s Forum (an incubator for radical progressives), only got arrested for disorderly conduct at an anti-Israel encampment at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

But in January, he was arrested at another protest (where he called for the state of Israel to be “finally destroyed and erased from history”).

Then, less than two weeks later, he was busted again at a protest in Manhattan that blocked traffic on bridges as the crowd chanted “NYPD, KKK, IDF they’re all the same.”

It seems he only got a summons both times, as neither arrest left a mark on his permanent record.

But this is a pattern of criminal activity, activity it’s his job to promote; how about looking at some conspiracy charges?

Look at James Carlson, 40, the son of millionaire ad execs and “longtime anarchist” with a rap sheet going back to 2005: He was busted for taking part in (and possibly leading) rioters’ vandalism and occupation of Columbia’s Hamilton Hall — then he got slapped with another charge of criminal mischief for destroying a camera inside a holding cell while in custody.

Carlson was also at the Jan 27 protest; after being arrested in Hamilton Hall, he was further charged with a hate crime, assault and petit larceny for allegedly hitting an Israel supporter in the face with a rock during a protest in April.

These aren’t students: They’re serial law-breakers, bent on causing mayhem and stirring up hate; why do they keep walking through the revolving door of New York’s justice system?

The DA’s proved he can get wildly creative when it comes to charging an ex-president; he should be trying at least as hard to jail the professional protesters who keep disrupting the lives of ordinary New Yorkers.

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