Andrew Cuomo must demonstrate genuine remorse to successfully stage a comeback

Ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been setting the stage for a potential political comeback, potentially running for mayor, by criticizing current elected officials for the issues facing New York.

However, Cuomo himself is largely responsible for these problems. If he wants to be taken seriously, he will need to make amends.

But don’t hold your breath.

Recently, Cuomo and ex-Gov. David Paterson criticized fellow Democrats for their handling of crime, the migrant crisis, and congestion pricing.

Prior to that, in a column for The Post, he spoke out against today’s politics, attributing it to being driven by extreme activists.

He argued that the current times require comprehensive solutions, unlike the current political landscape.

However, when Cuomo was governor, he often gave in to extremists. For example:

  • He positioned himself as “the students’ lobbyist” and advocated for teacher accountability, but backed down when the teachers unions opposed him, sacrificing the interests of students.
  • He pushed through a climate bill that has increased electricity bills, endangered the grid, and mandated lifestyle changes, despite minimal impact on global warming.
  • He supported the congestion-pricing scheme, which will not significantly impact climate change or traffic congestion, but will burden those without mass-transit options.
  • He signed “reforms” favored by radical progressives that led to a major increase in major felonies in New York City.
  • During the pandemic, he implemented strict lockdown rules and ordered nursing homes to admit COVID-positive patients, resulting in unnecessary deaths.

Will Cuomo take responsibility for any of this? Unlikely.

While he now opposes congestion pricing, he only does so because it is not politically advantageous for his potential comeback.

He criticizes rising crime rates, but how will he address the policies he implemented that contributed to this issue?

Will he acknowledge the negative impacts of his climate legislation?

Will he work to restore mental health services and reevaluate his approach to handling the mentally ill?

And most importantly, will he take accountability for the failures of his past decisions?

Mere apologies and promises are not enough – he must show genuine change and growth.

If Cuomo cannot demonstrate that he has learned from his mistakes, a potential comeback by him would only bring further harm to New York.

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