Before Judging Donald Trump, TV Talking Heads Should Reflect on Themselves

Summer share in the wealth

Interested in spending a fortune in the overpriced Hamptons this summer? Check out writer Neil Simon’s former home.

Remember “The Odd Couple” with Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau? Remember Amagansett?

A three-bedroom ranch near the ocean, now under hotel ownership, which means subletting includes room service. Price: $105,000 for June, $240,000 for July.

Same for August. No discounts available. I’m just the messenger. Take it up with the Realtors.

Pod people

Every American is getting a podcast. It’s mandatory. Comes with your birth certificate.

Now Jon Stewart announces: “After much reflection, meditation, and prayer, I’ve decided to extend my workweek to two days.”

MTV is producing. Premieres next month. The once a week show is called “The Weekly Show With Jon Stewart. They were up all night coming up with the name.

Divine mystery

God — and for those who choose not to believe in Him — just let me finish.

TV pundits, reading word for word off their prompters — are analyzing Donald as a liar, narcissist, etc., etc., blah, blah.

Don’t like him? OK. I don’t like Adam Bullschiff either.

But Man is made in the image and likeness of our Maker. Since God is infinite, we are countless on this planet. Therefore, we are all different.

There were no two Einsteins. Mme. Curie, who discovered radium, didn’t have help from her uncle.

Good or bad, brilliant or dumb, honest or dishonest, because the Creator is infinite, we are all unique.

Have you ever had a friend who betrayed you? A relative who didn’t understand you? A husband whose habits you couldn’t stand any longer?

Our Creator is infinite. We are infinite. Our values, ways, thoughts. Animals tame or wild, all distinct. Infinite. Good or bad. Flowers bloom in their unique ways.

Creation is not uniform. Our teeth are not the same. Fingers differ in size. So, whether you like it or not, humans have their individual paths.

So, whether you like him or not, understand him or not — maybe Donald’s just living out his own DNA.

Street benders

According to science reporter Rosemary Misdary of Gothamist, it’s taking 10 years to install pipes and sewers on York Avenue, from 61st to 63rd — just two small blocks (my kitchen is larger) — and the cost has soared to $22.3 million.

Alison Landry, NYC’s chief infrastructure officer, explained, “City officials must bid for any project before their own people can do the work. Renovate your apartment then wait a year for a contractor? Materials are not always readily available.”

New York City: Our taxes are rising, and our efficiency is plummeting. 

Go overboard

I began with the Hamptons, and I’ll end with the Hamptons. Drew Barrymore is selling her $8.5 million Sagaponack home south of the highway.

In 2019, she bought it for around $5.5 million — seven bedrooms, six baths, with a guesthouse having an additional bed and bath. Don’t contact me. Call Hunter. He’s the one with the cash. 

Over Mother’s Day weekend, our top government officials had a heated debate.

The topic: whether to organize an orgy or not. I can’t reveal the decision because, unfortunately, everyone fell asleep during the vote.

Only in DC, folks, only in DC.

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