Biden chooses fundraiser over attending wake for NYC cop Jonathan Diller: Letters

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The Topic: President Biden’s Manhattan fundraiser following the death of NYPD Det. Jonathan Diller.

Upon seeing the front page of Friday’s Post, I am filled with disgust towards President Biden, former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton (“Meanwhile . . . fund fest for Dems in NYC,” March 29).

While these three individuals were attending a multimillion-dollar fundraiser for Biden, former President Donald Trump was personally paying his respects to the family of slain Det. Jonathan Diller.

Biden has not reached out to the family or mentioned the officer’s name.

It appears they are desperate due to poor poll numbers for Biden, leading them to try to salvage the situation by any means necessary.

But how much lower can they sink?

Warren Goldfein

Mount Arlington, NJ

The contrast between the two presidential candidates is stark.

Biden did not acknowledge or attend Det. Diller’s wake because there was nothing to gain financially.

He comes across as heartless, soulless, and godless.

It should be evident to all Americans, not just those in New York, that this mayhem and anarchy are part of their plan, and they will not cease until this country is entirely transformed according to their communist vision.

We all know, including them, how to stop this lawlessness.

Yet they take no action.

The only logical conclusion is that they want it to happen.

The death and destruction are mere collateral damage.

As Joseph Stalin once said: “One death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic.”

Rich Nutile

Park Ridge, NJ

One current and two former presidents were in New York raising funds to advance their agenda.

However, one former president chose to witness the consequences of that agenda.

J. McGowan

Glen Rock, NJ

There were two contrasting scenes in New York on Thursday. President Trump offered condolences at Det. Diller’s wake, a victim of left-wing policies favored by Democratic progressives.

On the other hand, at Radio City Music Hall, the Axis of Evil gathered with affluent admirers, plotting how to complete the destruction of America as we know it.

Joe Alloy

Wayne, NJ

It is disheartening to say, but if Det. Diller were black, Biden, Obama, and Clinton would have made sure to attend his wake with the media in tow. Appalling.

RIP Det. Diller. Bless all those who protect us daily.

Clayton Rowley

Fairfield, Conn.

Just days after an NYPD officer was fatally shot by a lifelong criminal, the Democrats decided to raise funds by bringing President Biden, Obama, and Clinton to Radio City Music Hall.

Meanwhile, in New York, individuals are being pushed onto train tracks and shot in the streets.

Youthful couples are unable to afford homes on Long Island and are being compelled to relocate entirely – they have no alternative.

Do you believe voting Democrat in the November election is a prudent decision?

Michael Franza

Dallas, Pa.

A former president travels from Florida to attend Det. Diller’s wake upon the family’s request.

Meanwhile, the current president was in close proximity to the wake but opted to attend his fundraiser.

This speaks volumes about those men.

Thank you, Trump.

Susan Kurz


As the son of a retired NYPD officer and a relative, neighbor, friend, and godfather to numerous members of law enforcement, I am overcome with anger seeing three presidents engaging in grandstanding, celebration, and fundraising while a family mourns the loss and prepares for the funeral of an NYPD hero.

Diller’s death is a tragedy and should never have happened.

To blame are the misguided policies of individuals who oppose freedom and aim to perpetuate a grossly inaccurate narrative, a narrative also supported by these three presidents and their followers.

Thank you, Trump, for demonstrating support for law enforcement.

Thank you, Det. Diller, for your dedication to the people of New York— may you rest in peace.

Steven Cassidy

Franklin Square

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