Biden is a disaster — which is why we need someone better than Trump to beat him

If you’ve been watching NBC, CBS, ABC or CNN this week, with their endless, breathless coverage of Donald Trump’s fourth indictment, here’s what you missed:

  • President Biden lied again about multiple details of his life, making up stories about his grandfather and Amtrak and humble beginnings. Read The Post’s Steven Nelson’s rundown of Joe’s favorite fables.

The press just chalks this up to good-’ol-Joe, but it’s not: It’s pathological.

Joe Biden is the old man at the diner counter telling the same hogwash over and over again because he can’t remember it’s not true.

He has been called out for these lies multiple, multiple times, and he just keeps telling them.

He’s incapable of adaptation, correction and honesty — qualities we think would be important for a president of the United States.

When his press people finally realized the bad optics of him going on yet another vacation, President Empathy organized a last-minute trip on Monday to Maui.

How much do you want to bet he will act inappropriately to family members and try to make it all about himself?

  • Speaking of acting inappropriately, an actual Biden quote this week: “I want to say one thing to your children. I know some really great ice cream places around here and Daddy owes you, so talk to me afterwards.” What?!

Biden finally admitted that the "Inflation Reduction Act" actually had little to do with fighting inflation.
Biden finally admitted that the “Inflation Reduction Act” actually had little to do with fighting inflation.
Bonnie Cash/UPI/Shutterstock

Then he did that creepy whisper thing to try to claim Bidenomics is working, when it’s costing the typical household $709 more a month from two years ago. Is this fooling anyone?

  • The DOJ was also pursuing a farce of an “independent” investigation into his son, Hunter, of whom you remember Joe claimed that he never knew anything about his business . . . sorry, he never spoke to about his business . . . apologies, never went into business with. Pretty soon that’s going to be, yes, he went into business with but didn’t make any money.

Giving the special counsel job to a guy who already drafted a sweetheart plea deal for Hunter is the Biden administration’s way to push the whole debacle past the 2024 election — with an assist from the media’s conspiracy of silence.

Biden's Department of Justice announced that it is assigning a special counsel to investigated Hunter Biden.
Biden’s Department of Justice announced that it is assigning a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden.
REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst/File Photo
  • Biden lied about the number of people who would be allowed to apply for asylum each month. He said 45,000. In July, it was three times that number, the highest recorded figure in more than 20 years.

Millions have been allowed to enter “legally” since he took office, on shaky asylum claims, and untold millions more have crossed illegally. He is doing nothing to stop this.

  • Thousands of these migrants arrive each week in New York City. Mayor Adams begged for money. Biden told him no. Gov. Hochul begged for a military base to house them. Biden told her no.

In short, Joe Biden is a disaster. This is just what happened in the past week — we’d need a few more pages to go into what he’s done since he’s taken office.

This is what we should be talking about, the issues that are important to the nation, what the Republican candidates with the courage to show up next week will debate.

A recent poll found that a majority of Americans say they will never vote for former President Donald Trump.
A recent poll found that a majority of Americans say they will never vote for former President Donald Trump.
AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall, File

Yet Democrats and the liberal media have a ready distraction. Every day is Trump, Trump, Trump. And, of course, The Don is happy to oblige their monomania.

Trump’s followers may think they’re sticking it to this consortium by continuing to back him. But Trump is only in it for himself, both as retribution for the election he lost and a get-out-of-jail free card for the prosecutions he faces. January 6 was a national travesty, and he is to blame for it.

Some of the prosecutions may be unfair, but Trump is no victim. He did try to overturn an election. And he did take classified documents.

A new poll by the Associated Press shows that 53% of Americans will never vote for Trump, for those reasons and others.

If Trump wins the Republican nomination, every progressive politician and news anchor will rejoice, knowing that’s all they need to discuss until Election Day. Everyone will be talking about the elephant in the room instead of the ass in the White House.

Biden’s poll numbers are so low, his policies so destructive, that he cannot win a second term — unless Trump is the nominee.

We need a better shot at a better future.

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