Biden’s attempt to leverage intelligence on Hamas leaders from Israel with bribes is appalling

President Biden’s current policy on Israel appears to be a sudden push to end the war completely, potentially allowing Hamas to recover.

According to The Washington Post, the White House is offering sensitive intelligence to help the Israeli military locate Hamas leaders and tunnels, under the condition that the IDF does not fully engage in Rafah.

It would be more effective for the White House to provide this information immediately to assist in targeting the leaders and conducting precision strikes, as Israel aims to avoid unnecessary casualties.

Additionally, there was a freeze on the shipment of various munitions, including precision bombs, which are essential for precise strikes.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken has raised concerns about Israel’s use of US-provided weapons in Gaza potentially violating international humanitarian law.

There is a lack of specific information on these claims and the basis for the violation of international humanitarian law.

The reasoning behind these statements appears to be unsubstantiated and politically driven.

The United Nations has disregarded victim counts reported by the Gazan health authority, highlighting the unreliable nature of these figures.

The number of civilians fleeing Rafah has increased significantly, emphasizing the urgent need to address the situation.

President Biden’s approach towards Israel has sparked controversy, with concerns about appeasing pro-Hamas protesters and potentially abandoning our ally.

These actions raise serious questions about the President’s commitment to his oath of office, and many are eager for the upcoming Election Day.

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