Biden’s best chance of winning is by focusing on defeating Trump

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The reaction from Democrats and the media to the special counsel report on Joe Biden is filled with thunderous, blind rage. They seem unable to handle the truth. It appears that they genuinely believed Biden was fit for duty, despite his stumbling, mumbling, confusion, and hiding, and are now furious at the revelation of explosive facts they should have known about.

However, a more reasonable view is that their fury stems from their involvement in a great con job, and their dirty little secret has been exposed by the devastating portrait of the president in special counsel Robert Hur’s report.

The special counsel’s report reveals that Biden “uncovered evidence that President Biden willfully retained and disclosed classified materials” but was not recommending criminal charges due to the president’s diminished cognitive functions, saying that an “elderly man with a poor memory” would not be convicted by a jury.

The findings have sent the White House into panic mode, and there is speculation about invoking the 25th Amendment to remove him. The fallout has led to discussions about how Biden’s campaign will change to meet the new reality, with even the possibility of Michelle Obama taking over the nomination.

In the meantime, Trump is also getting a boost from unlikely sources, as the Supreme Court is likely to overturn a Colorado court ruling that Democrats can block Trump from appearing on state election ballots, and developments in the Georgia criminal case over the 2020 election seem to favor Trump. This raises hope that a violent national crackup is not inevitable.

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