Biden’s decision to press Israel to ease tensions with Iran is seen as another victory for the terrorist state

Israel’s recent retaliation against Iran, amidst pressure from President Biden, was conducted with minimal force. The attack crossed an important red line for the Biden administration, authorizing an overt strike on Iranian soil previously only targeted covertly. This point was made, though arguably long overdue.

However, beyond this, there is little to be celebrated. The response to Iran’s recent missile and drone attack has not resolved any significant issues. Iran continues to encircle Israel, potentially refocusing on finishing Hamas.

Some claim that Israel has established “escalation dominance” over Iran by striking first and last, but in reality, both parties exchanged glancing blows with no major changes in capabilities. Despite this, there were winners and losers from the exchange.

The biggest winner is President Biden, who successfully influenced Israel’s reaction to avoid escalating tensions. This not only delayed increases in international oil prices but also prevented criticism from progressive Democrats, crucial for his November prospects.

The second biggest winner is Iran’s Supreme Leader and regime, who witnessed Israel’s compliance and will likely exploit it to their advantage as their strategy unfolds.

On the contrary, the security of American and Israeli citizens suffers, as Biden’s actions reveal crippling weakness in the White House. While Biden tried to steer Israel’s response to Iran, he ultimately bowed to our mutual adversaries.

Furthermore, reports indicating failures in Iranian missile launches highlight vulnerabilities in missile defenses, raising concerns for future conflicts.

John Bolton, former national security adviser to Trump and US ambassador to the UN, comments on the situation, reflecting on the impact of Biden’s decisions.

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