Biden’s Speech to Morehouse Grads Condemned as Racist and Patronizing

Joe Biden’s statement is correct: Black people are often treated as different, inferior, and not deserving of equality.

Ironically, the one responsible for this behavior is Joe Biden himself.

He struggles to communicate with black individuals without bringing up past hardships or current struggles as a tactic to gain our votes.

Joe Biden, speaking at Morehouse College as the Commencement speaker. AP

Even in moments of success, like graduating from college, Biden fails to allow us to celebrate our achievements without casting doubt on our potential.

During his campaign speech at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Biden’s address was more about politics than a commencement speech.

Faculty and students turned away from Biden during his speech. Getty Images

His speech was filled with identity politics, narratives of black trauma, and an emphasis on the struggles we face.

Biden lamented, “The pandemic took away much from you. Some lost loved ones and missed milestones. You started college during times of racial reckoning.”

He continued, “Is democracy working for you when black men are killed in the streets? What does it mean to be a black man who loves his country but isn’t loved in return?”

Biden’s remarks imply that he sees black individuals as inferior and disadvantaged, highlighting his racist tendencies.

He only engages with the black community when it serves his political agenda, not out of genuine care.

Biden’s speech at Morehouse aimed to reflect on struggles rather than inspire and encourage the graduates.

Biden addressing systemic racism and limitations on black men during his speech. REUTERS

He talks about black individuals needing to work harder for success, rather than uplifting and supporting their ambitions.

Joe Biden’s approach reinforces victimhood rather than empowering individuals to overcome challenges.

Adam B. Coleman, author of “Black Victim to Black Victor” and founder of Wrong Speak Publishing. Visit his Substack: adambcoleman.substack.com.

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