Blinken’s lies on Hunter laptop letter just don’t stop

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Antony Blinken is a liar

Despite sworn testimony in which former CIA big Mike Morell admitted Blinken was the main driver of the now-notorious “51 spies” letter implying that Hunter Biden’s laptop was a Russian disinformation ploy, Biden’s secretary of state is now saying he had nothing to do with it.

He “didn’t ask for it, didn’t solicit it,” Blinked bleated during an interview on Fox — and Morell’s testimony “confirms that.”

No: it confirms the opposite. 

I.e. that Morell had no intention of pushing disinformation to cover for Hunter until he took a call from Blinken, then working as part of Biden’s campaign staff. 

Amazingly, he’s still refusing to admit the letter itself was bunk. 

Pushed by his Fox interviewer on whether he now thinks the laptop is real, Blinken whined that his “focus” lies elsewhere. 

Come on, Tony: We get you’re a diplomat, but this is a simple yes or no

No amount of Saul Goodman-style oozing will get you out of it. 

Yet Blinken’s been running interference for Hunter from the start.

He wrongly told Congress in 2020 that he had never emailed the rogue first son and did not know about Hunter’s position at Ukraine gas major Burisma (even though it was all over the news in 2014). 

Emails from the laptop now suggest both statements are bunk: Hunter emailed with Blinken and specifically discussed Burisma with Blinken’s wife. 

Indeed, Blinken’s one of Biden World’s most loyal apparatchiks.

He worked on Joe’s 2008 prez campaign and served as his national-security adviser when he was veep before whizzing through the revolving door into an ultra-lucrative private gig until the run-up to the 2020 election. 

Remember that Hunter’s “Real Housewives” personal behavior was a big issue as far back as the Obama administration, when he got kicked out of the Navy reserve for cocaine use.

His influence-peddling had the White House staff in conniptions.

Which means Blinken (along with every other flunky) knew what the deal was long before the laptop’s salacious details came out. 

And knew they were legit. 

So his current “I knew nothing” shtick is pure fog.

With the help of a compliant media and an Orwellian Big Tech sector, his call to Morell worked: the story died, our reporting was quashed and Joe squeaked on to victory. 

But now the truth is out, and Blinken’s dodges and dishonesty mean it’s time for him to go before Congress and give answers under oath. 

The country he allegedly serves deserves the truth. 

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