CIA Deputy Director’s Supportive Posts on Palestine and Other Controversial Statements

Langley losers

It is outrageous that Amy McFadden, the CIA’s associate deputy director for analysis, posted “Free Palestine” images on her social media account two weeks after the Oct. 7 massacre (“Hamas’ Fifth Column,” Benjamin Weingarten, Post­Opinion, Nov. 30).

McFadden betrayed our government, and she is now compromised.

I bet that if former President Donald Trump, Nikki Haley or Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis were president, McFadden would be ousted. At the very least, she should never again get her hands on sensitive information.

I doubt she will face severe consequences under the current administration.

Robert Semel, Brooklyn

Miss education

Model Gigi Hadid grew up with the kind of wealth that should have afforded her an education (“Super model is super wrong,” Nov. 28).

That this clearly uneducated model with a staggering number of social media followers can present such false information is alarming.

I guess access to higher education doesn’t equal interest in being educated.

Time and again, this gal showcases a lack of interest in getting the facts right. Hadid’s followers are clearly as uninterested as she is in accessing good information.

After her latest post about Israel’s treatment of children and young prisoners, I don’t think there will be any effort on her part to learn the truth.

Amy Hendel, Manhattan

Global warning

If the West Antarctic Ice Sheet collapsed it would cause floods effecting millions of Americans alone. REDA&CO/Universal Images Group v

Patrick Reilly’s article fails to connect the dots between the A23a iceberg and the looming climate crises (“S’thern berg quits chillin,’ ” Nov. 26).

Last month, Nature Journal alerted us that we now have “limited power to prevent ocean warming that could lead to the collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet.”

Such loss would bring about 10 feet of sea-level rise, inundating the homes of 12.3 million people in the US alone. Yet numerous articles about A23a only discuss threats to South Georgia Island wildlife and shipping lanes.

This allows the fossil fuel industry to continue frying the planet with impunity, rather than be held financially responsible for the harm their products cause.

Gary Stewart, Laguna Beach, Calif.

Safety first

Involuntary is not always the best option, but it can lead to people volunteering themselves for treatment. Getty Images

I certainly do hope that Mayor Adams is correct about his pilot program to get the severely mentally ill off the streets and into treatment (“Involuntary Commitment Saves Lives,” Editorial, Nov. 30).

As someone who retired from a 40-year career with the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health, I wrote numerous Section 12 “pink papers” requiring people to receive medical care.

Involuntary commitment is often the first step taken to help tortured minds while boosting public safety. Forcing someone into care is not always the best option, but it often leads to people voluntarily signing themselves in for treatment. That result makes all of us safer, too.

Sal Giarratani, Boston, Mass.

Calif. schemin’

Hundreds of protesters came out over the Oakland City Council’s resolution for a cease-fire in Gaza. AP

A bunch of knuckleheads in California made startling claims that Hamas had nothing to do with the Oct. 7 massacre (“Meet the ‘New Truthers,’ ” Editorial, Nov. 30).

They believe Israel perpetrated the massacre, as an excuse to destroy Gaza.

Here’s some friendly advice: Watch your backs. Hamas does not like to have its thunder stolen.

Barry Koppel, Kew Gardens Hills

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