Consumers and Biden face troubling news as math is labeled as ‘racist’: analysis

From the right: Bad News for Consumers — and Joe
The Washington Examiner’s Byron York points out that inflation rose to 3.5% in March and has been steadily increasing for the past six months, much to the surprise of major media outlets. Even when inflation slows down, prices continue to rise, which is concerning for consumers. A recent Fox News poll showed that 55% of respondents feel worse off financially, compared to only 22% who feel better off. This spells bad news for President Biden, as his spending policies have contributed to this price growth. Despite the president claiming that “Bidenomics” is working, the recent inflation numbers suggest otherwise.

Education beat: Look Who’s Calling Math ‘Racist’ 
Kali Fontanilla from the Capitol Research Center expresses frustration over the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s efforts to address “white supremacy” in math instruction in K-12 schools. A guide sent to California teachers identified characteristics like perfectionism and a focus on getting the right answer in math as part of white supremacy. The Gates-funded manual emphasizes understanding concepts and reasoning over correctness, which is ironic given Bill Gates’ success in the mathematics-dependent field of computer science.

Libertarian: Voters’ Push for Presidential Tyranny 
According to a recent survey by the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, a significant portion of Americans (48%) oppose unilateral presidential rule, while 21% support it, including a noticeable percentage of Democrats and Republicans. Unfortunately, many Americans have unrealistic expectations of the presidency, seeking greater power and authority for the position, which goes against the original intent of the government as designed with checks and balances to limit power.

Eye on Ukraine: Russia’s War on Religion
Nina Shea at National Review highlights the issue of religious persecution in Ukraine as House Speaker Mike Johnson plans military funding for the country. Russian propaganda has misled some, including Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, into believing that Russia is protecting Christianity in Ukraine. However, Ukrainian clergy fear that a victorious Russia would crush their religious institutions, as evidenced by the destruction of non-Orthodox churches in occupied territories. The campaign to eradicate non-Russian Orthodox churches in Ukraine should concern those who value religious freedom.

Law desk: End the Special Counsels!
Former Justice official James Burnham at City Journal argues that independent prosecutors, such as special counsels, have done more harm than good in American law enforcement. The political nature of their investigations often leads to biased outcomes and unnecessary costs. Burnham advocates for abolishing special counsels and relying on the attorney general, who is accountable to the elected president and Congress, to handle such cases.

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