Correspondence Regarding New York’s Sanctuary City Laws: Letters to the Editor

The Issue: New York’s controversial “sanctuary city” laws amid its ongoing immigration crisis.

Reflecting on Michael Goodwin’s depiction of the current migration situation contrasted with her family’s journey 75 years ago (“Asylum policy is just that: insane,” April 10), Alice Daly recalls a time when arriving in America meant freedom and opportunity, despite the challenges they faced.

Back then, there were no free debit cards or warm welcomes from authorities, yet Daly’s family embraced the American dream, learned the language, worked hard, and took pride in civic duties like voting.

While Daly’s parents did not live to witness the current immigration crisis, she laments how it is eroding the values that once made America great.

Alice Daly, Mahopac

Democratic policies continue to fail, as underscored by Jerry Chiappetta’s observation.

Undocumented migrants are violating the law with impunity, and Chiappetta questions if there is any accountability or remorse among legislators for their failures.

Emphasizing the need for competent leadership in managing these challenges, Amy Hendel highlights the ongoing deterioration caused by a “sanctuary city” policy that she believes is enabling lawlessness.

Amy Hendel, Manhattan

Jack Kaufman reflects on a shift in parental hopes from seeking a better life for their children in America to simply hoping for the survival of the country.

Jack Kaufman, Naples, Fla.

The Issue: Former President Donald Trump says abortion law should be left to states.

Arthur Saginian criticizes former President Donald Trump for his stance on abortion, echoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s comments regarding Trump’s lack of clear principles on the issue.

Saginian argues that abortion is a private matter that should be solely decided by the woman involved, without interference from external entities like churches or governments.

He urges Trump and the Republican establishment to detach from the religious right, viewing it as a regressive force that impedes progress.

Arthur Saginian, Santa Clarita, Calif.

In a shift of stance, Carl Rosenberg praises Trump for endorsing state-level determination of abortion laws, seeing it as a move that could help him regain support from women who have been critical of him.

Rosenberg believes that allowing states to establish their own policies on abortion could help bridge divisive views on the issue.

Carl Rosenberg, Great Neck

Michael A. Pacer advocates for states to have autonomy in deciding abortion laws, even if it means facing consequences for their choices.

He suggests that states like California, New York, and Washington should be empowered to make decisions without interference, accepting the potential outcomes that align with their values.

Michael A. Pacer, Kingman, Ariz

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