Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Offers Apology in Letters

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Declassify surgery

At his recent press conference, a contrite Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin apologized for his lack of transparency in failing to make the truth about his prostate cancer known to the president (“Just no defense: Austin,” Feb. 2).

Austin’s actions in this incident demonstrate a monumental lack of sound judgment on his part. In his absence, the American people were left vulnerable to possible nuclear attacks from Russia or China while Austin was under the knife.

The secretary looked pained as he hobbled around the speaker’s platform, leading me to believe that his condition is too precarious for him to keep his place in the Cabinet.

While we all wish him a speedy recovery from his cancer battle, we also don’t want to be put at personal risk if Austin has another medical emergency he chooses to conceal.

Ron Spurga, Manhattan

Trump conviction

Isaac Schorr’s piece on the political consequences of the charges that former President Donald Trump is facing is ridiculous (“Conviction would pull the rug out under GOP,” Feb. 7).

Who cares if the “MAGAlomaniac” is convicted? Thanks to Bidenomics, Americans can no longer afford a quarter-pounder at McDonald’s. To quote James Carville: “It’s the economy, stupid!”

Pinocchio Joe and his Marxist puppet masters are political roadkillers. Right now the vultures are circling, even though the Donald may ultimately be wearing orange soon.

James Evans, Worcester, Mass.

Super-size prices

With everyone complaining about how expensive McDonald’s has become, there is a simple solution: Just stop eating there (“Inflate is a big $mack,” Feb. 7).

Let’s face it: McDonald’s is not the healthiest food out there, and at current prices it is no longer worth buying. It made money over the years because it was cheap to feed a family there.

Those days are gone. With all the chemicals going into processed food today, who knows what’s in a Big Mac? This is a blessing in disguise. Maybe now people will wake up to see what fast food does best: make your money disappear.

Storm Destro, Bayonne, NJ

One more angel

Toby Keith lost his battle with cancer this Monday, and the world lost a patriot and role model who demonstrated courage and fortitude his entire life (“In choir of angels,” Feb. 7).

His songs — yes, even “Red Solo Cup” — will live on. What will be remembered by his fans were the countless visits Keith made to entertain the troops, his foundation for children battling cancer and his love for this country.

Keith was an icon of country music. I hope he and Jimmy Buffet are toasting with red solo cups. Heaven’s soundtrack just got immeasurably better.

Betsy Flor, Putnam Valley

Historical lessons

Jennifer Nassour correctly asserts that Donald Trump has a problem with female voters (“Trump’s crippling ‘women problem,” Feb. 3).

This got me thinking: Perhaps the “Great Appeasers” — UK prime ministers of the 1930s Stanley Baldwin and Neville Chamberlain — worked to avoid war out of concern for the female vote. Baldwin and Chamberlain’s policies of appeasing Germany ultimately led to World War II.

Similarly, President Biden’s appeasement of Iran today could potentially lead to the next global conflict, drawing in Russia and North Korea.

Irwin Romaner, Suffern

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