Derailed NYC Subway Cars: Two Incidents in One Week

Subway insanity

Within less than a week there have been two instances of subway derailment, and one collision (“F train derail in Coney Isl.,” Jan. 11).

This is completely unacceptable.

With all of the money allocated to the MTA, you would think that these incidents would not occur.

The subway system is an old one, and the MTA is constantly working to continue to upgrade and improve the many miles of subway tracks and stations.

These two derailments should not have happened.

There must be clear answers as to why they occurred.

The riding public needs to be reassured that the subways are safe to travel on.

John Amato, Fresh Meadows

RIP, Chief Esposito

When I read about the death of Joseph Esposito, my heart sank (“Former NYC chief of emergency management dies at 73,” Jan. 9).

I remember the first time I met Esposito, back in 1985.

Fax machines had just come into use at the New York Police Department.

We worked together, and Esposito very kindly showed me how to use the fax machine.

Espo, as he was lovingly called by those who were lucky enough to know him, was a boss who not only led but guided the people he worked with.

The last time I saw Joe was at his wife’s funeral.

I am consoled to know they are now together.

They were both very kind souls.

Chief Joe Esposito, I just wanted to say: Thanks for the memories.

I will try to follow the example you set.

Sharon Cesario, Brooklyn

Until proven guilty

The Post’s recent editorial on Sen. Bob Menendez was ill-timed and in poor taste (“More Shameless Menendez Chutzpah,” Jan. 10).

Whether Menendez is guilty is a decision that will be rendered by a jury of his peers.

Let’s leave him out of the court of public opinion.

In the meantime, Menendez is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Thus far, the prosecutor has presented only criminal charges for which an indictment was handed down.

But an indictment is not proof that a defendant is guilty.

Menendez deserves the benefit of the doubt.

J.J. Crovatto, Ramsey, NJ

Six feet of lies

America has been hoodwinked.

We’ve learned that the six-feet rule of social distancing was nothing more than a farce (“Oh, what the heck, 6 ft,” Jan. 11).

What will we learn next, that COVID was created in a Chinese lab?

I wonder why Tony Fauci is finally coming clean on this now.

Perhaps it is guilt.

One thing this reveal is how dishonest our government truly is.

Consider Andrew Cuomo’s mishandling of COVID in New York nursing homes.

This six-feet rule is yet another instance of government dishonesty.

Kevin Judge, Naples, Fla.

Elephant elegy

After watching the latest Republican primary debate, it would be understandable for any thoughtful American to want to vote for: none of the above (“Ron, Nik go tooth & nail in Iowa,” Jan. 11).

If this was a contest to determine which candidate was the rudest and least civil, it was a toss-up.

Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley both excelled.

For those of us who hoped for valuable input into how the candidates would handle our country’s many challenges, everyone failed.

The highlights of the debate consisted of Haley and DeSantis accusing each other of dishonesty.

These people hope to appear presidential?

Don’t make me laugh.

Oren Spiegler, Peters Township, Pa.

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