Durham Report shows US has become a partisan political weapon

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News that the IRS ousted its entire team probing Hunter Biden simply to sideline a whistleblower, coming the same day as the Durham Report on massive Justice Department malfeasance promoting the Russiagate smear, allows for only one conclusion: Much of the federal government is now permanently weaponized to protect Democrats and undermine their enemies.

This political rot in the federal government runs deep, as Durham has tirelessly documented in his investigation of the special FBI probe of ex-prez Donald Trump’s alleged Russian collusion

His final, damning report reveals not only that the agency fabricated a case against Trump without ever having any actual evidence, but also actively shielded candidate Hillary Clinton despite damning evidence.

Top ranks at the FBI and Justice Department fought tooth and nail to kibosh any investigations of Hillary over both the hundreds of millions in shady donations her foundation raked in while she was Secretary of State and her casual, repeated violations of federal law around classified documents.

Then they turned around and opened the Russiagate probe on the basis of third-hand rumor, soon using the Clinton-paid Steele Dossier to fraudulently justify surveilling the Trump campaign. 

Durham reported that Trump had never rented the presidential suite involved in the rumor.
The FBI investigation of former President Donald Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia in 2016 was “seriously flawed” and had no basis in evidence, special counsel John Durham said in a report released Monday.
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This, though the entire top of the US government had been warned that the Clinton camp intended to create a bogus Trump-Russia scandal to distract from her misdoings.

What to know about the bombshell Durham report

Special counsel John Durham completed a four-year review of an FBI investigation of former President Donald Trump.

Durham found in the report Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia in 2016 was “seriously flawed” and had no basis in evidence, according to the bombshell, which was released on Monday.

“It is the Office’s assessment that the FBI discounted or willfully ignored material information that did not support the narrative of a collusive relationship between Trump and Russia,” Durham wrote.

Durham found investigators ignored exculpatory evidence, had a bias in the information provided by Trump’s political opponents, and carried out surveillance without genuinely believing there was probable reason to do so.

The former Connecticut US attorney was tapped to lead the review in 2019 by then-Attorney General Bill Barr and searched into the origins of Operation Crossfire Hurricane, but his final report didn’t urge new criminal prosecutions.

The FBI’s leak-ridden investigation started in the summer of 2016 and ultimately dragged on under special counsel Robert Mueller through more than half of Trump’s term in office.


It didn’t turn the election, but the Russiagate investigation continued, kneecapping the Trump presidency.

The abuse continues under President Joe Biden, and not just in the IRS’ astonishing move. 

The report from special counsel John Durham found the likely source of the "pee tape" rumor about former President Donald Trump came from a PR executive with connections to the Clintons.
The report from special counsel John Durham found that the agency fabricated a case against Trump without ever having any actual evidence.
AP Photo/Charles Krupa, File

Fact is, such outrages go back at least to Lois Lerner’s abuses at the IRS in the runup to the 2012 election, targeting right-leaning nonprofits for punitive investigations.

Meanwhile, all the media that waxed hysterical for years over Russiagate stand largely silent, at best treating Durham’s revelations as old news and House GOP investigations of the millions in foreign cash flowing to various members of the Biden clan as “Republican attacks on the Biden family.”

No wonder trust in the federal government and the media is at historic lows. 

Democrats from Biden on down regularly bewail the nation’s political divisions.

Yet healing those will require Dems and their allies to stop ignoring (and even rewarding) abuse of power as long it benefits their side.  

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