False Gaza casualty reports further highlight the United Nations’ bias towards Hamas

The United Nations has drastically reduced its count of women and children killed in Gaza, showing a clear bias towards Hamas.

After months of endorsing false claims made by the Hamas-run health ministry, the UN finally admitted to its mistake. These lies have sparked protests and strained the relationship between the White House and Israel.

It seems that the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs got what it wanted by changing its count, aiming to regain credibility for future endorsements of terrorist propaganda.

President Biden has been critical of Israel’s actions based on the inaccurate information provided by Hamas and the UN. In reality, Israel has made significant efforts to minimize harm to civilians in Gaza.

The corruption within the UN extends beyond the recent report, especially within the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, which has been aiding Palestinian refugees for years.

UNRWA’s schoolbooks promote antisemitism and conceal crucial historical facts. Hamas has misused aid intended for civilians to build bunkers and tunnels, with some instances of UNRWA workers being directly involved in acts of terror.

The UN bureaucracy has a long history of siding against Israel, influenced by Arab states, the Soviet bloc, and the international left to create a negative narrative around Zionism.

Despite the UN’s correction, the false narrative of “Israel’s excess force” remains ingrained in Western media, protests, and the White House. It is essential for ordinary Americans to demand accountability and transparency in UN funding and elect politicians who oppose funding biased propaganda.

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