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Fauci on film is still flinging fear-mongering flim-flam

The beatification of St. Anthony Fauci continues apace, with a PBS “American Masters” docu-stravaganza devoted to him airing last week. 

Does the man behind our disastrous federal pandemic response have any regrets? Yes! the tonguebath film reveals: That he didn’t demand useless lockdowns and universal masking sooner.

“Maybe I should have done that,” he muses. “Yeah, I was wrong.”

That sums it up. Even now, when all available data confirms that nothing — nothing — Fauci did made the slightest difference against the virus, the man is still convinced his only failing was being too soft on his recalcitrant subjects . . . er, the American people.  

Consider his massive flip-flop on masking. Did he make a mistake?

No, he “got additional information” that caused him to change his tune.

What utter bull: The balance of scientific evidence has never shown that mask mandates help against airborne viruses.

The only thing that changed was public health officials’ growing need to recommend something to justify their existence. 

Then there’s his claim, to a vaccine-hesitant DC resident, that the vaccines all but stop transmission.

It’s a “very, very, very rare chance that you do get it even if you’re vaccinated.”


In April of 2022, while Fauci was still in the driver’s seat, more than 60% of new cases nationally were breakthrough infections.

Fauci’s an immunologist by profession, here hawking actual misinformation on the taxpayer’s dime. 

He pooh-poohs the lab-leak theory of COVID origins in the film as well: “Like, what are you talking about,” he chortles vapidly. 

Ask the FBI, Department of Energy and countless leading scientists, Tony.

Including some it sure looks like you possibly bullied or bribed into shutting up to conceal your own role in funding gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. 

“American Masters” used to focus on people who made significant cultural contributions to our society, like Billie Holiday, Richard Avedon and Lucille Ball. Fauci sticks out not only for not being an artist or creator, but having made our country worse instead of better. 

The doctor’s anti-science, politically driven COVID strategy — i.e., serial capitulations to progressive hysteria on masking, school closures, lockdowns and vaccinations, as well as desperate efforts at butt-covering — immiserated millions, disrupted society and inflicted irrecoverable learning loss on a generation of school kids. 

Its ugly aftermath can still be seen in everything from our persistent inflation to elevated levels of crime. 

And all for nothing. The US did not perform meaningfully better in terms of overall COVID outcomes than countries that never locked down or masked up. 

Another of his on-camera interlocutors has the Good Doctor’s number, however. “Your campaign is about fear.

It’s about inciting fear in people. You all attack people with fear,” says one skeptic. 

Damn right. Fear plus endless, slimy narcissism are all Fauci has. 

The man’s 15 minutes should have expired long ago.

That the taxpayers supported a two-hour hagiography adds insult to already unspeakable injury. 

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