Former business partner of Hunter Biden featured in a new documentary on Tucker Carlson following explosive testimony

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If there is anyone deserving of being memorialized on film, it is Tony Bobulinski, Hunter Biden’s former business partner.

His testimony to the House impeachment inquiry into Biden corruption is now the focus of a new short documentary by Tucker Carlson called The Man In the Arena.

Bobulinski, a patriot built for combat, is a successful Californian businessman with a background as a former Penn State champion wrestler, naval officer, and nuclear submarine instructor, coming from a long line of military veterans from the Navy, Army, and Air Force.

The film starts with Bobulinski training intensely at a Washington DC gym before heading into Congress to confront Democrats and Lev Parnas, a convicted felon involved in Ukrainian disinformation.

He boldly calls out the lies of Rep Dan Goldman and Jamie Raskin, accusing President Joe Biden of being a “serial liar” and implicating him in criminal activities such as bribery and unregistered foreign lobbying related to a joint venture with a Chinese energy company.

Bobulinski affirms his belief that Biden should face impeachment for his actions, despite facing opposition from left-wing groups protecting the Biden family with smear campaigns and legal maneuvers.

The film captures Bobulinski relentlessly pursuing the truth and exposing the corruption he witnessed in Biden family dealings, standing up as a patriot and truth-teller amidst a storm of deceit and misinformation.

Bobulinski emphasizes the importance of revealing the facts to the American people, presenting evidence and testimonies of Biden family partners confirming the corruption he witnessed, supported by documents and recordings.

The film highlights a memorable moment in the hearings where Bobulinski responds to questions from Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, confidently affirming his observations of Biden committing crimes related to corruption statutes and conspiracy.

The camera captures a calm Bobulinski reflecting on his intense exchange with AOC, showcasing his determination to expose corruption and hold those responsible accountable.

Ultimately, Bobulinski emerges as the victor in the battle against corruption apologists, leaving a lasting impact on the fight for truth and justice.

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