GOP Poll Finds Backing Ukraine Aid Is Good Politics for Mike Johnson

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) is embroiled in a political showdown with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) and other isolationist figures regarding Ukraine aid — but the encouraging news is that the support for aiding Kyiv in its fight against Putin seems to favor the GOP.

New polls from the American Action Network, exclusively shared with The Post, reveal that in battleground districts, there is strong support among general-election voters for Ukraine aid. 

Approximately 60% of respondents overall favor assistance for the courageous but besieged Ukrainian forces, with even 52% of younger voters in agreement.

Only 34% of respondents oppose it overall. 

Therefore, a House GOP that supports Ukraine is likely to be more competitive politically in the upcoming November elections. 

People like Greene, of course, do not prioritize winning a wider majority. 

Despite this, the Purity Test Caucus does not hold the ultimate decision-making power. 

Even among safe-seat GOP voters, there is considerable support for military and humanitarian aid.

A plurality of 46% support it when asked about military aid alone or a combination of military and humanitarian aid.

Furthermore, the general sentiment regarding the war leans more towards Johnson than Greene. 

For example, nearly 80% of safe-seat voters agree that “Russia had no justification and was wrong to invade Ukraine”, and 82% agree that “Russia under Vladimir Putin’s leadership is an enemy of the United States.”

In essence: Do not heed those who insist we should not send more aid

Supporting Ukraine is a strategic necessity because Putin’s military actions go beyond territorial ambitions.

If Russia emerges victorious, the United States, our NATO allies, and all beneficiaries of the postwar trans-Atlantic order will suffer losses. 

It is shown that strategically countering this threat is also beneficial in terms of politics.

Therefore, House GOP members, align with the speaker this week and be prepared to express your gratitude come November. 

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