Harvard’s Antisemitism Task Force: A Laughable Farce

Harvard’s effort to root out antisemitism has officially entered Keystone Kops territory. 

Business prof Raffaella Sadun, appointed co-chair of the troubled task force just last month, abruptly resigned over the weekend reportedly because the task force’s mandate doesn’t include any high-priority changes to actually combat Jew-hatred. 

The remaining co-chair, meanwhile, is Derek Penslar, an Israel-hating historian who claimed that the problem of Jew-hatred at Harvard had been exaggerated by “outsiders.”

And don’t forget the earlier resignation of world-famous rabbi David Wolpe from the task force, explaining on X that the “system at Harvard” — and “the ideology that grips far too many of the students and faculty” and that “places Jews as oppressors” — is “itself evil.” 

Harvard business professor Raffaella Sadun has resigned as co-chair from the schools antisemitism task force.
Harvard business professor Raffaella Sadun has resigned as co-chair from the school’s antisemitism task force. Harvard Business School

And of course, all this follows now-ousted prez Claudine Gay’s inability to tell Congress whether calls to genocide Jews violated Harvard’s code of conduct.

Color us totally unsurprised that a university whose staff and faculty came out in force to support the terrorist killers of Hamas after Oct. 7 never planned to actually do anything about dealing with its deep-rooted Jew-hatred.

Guess that’s why the school’s muckamucks brazenly refused to hand over key documents around this ugly issue to a House probe and now face a congressional subpoena.

Plainly, Harvard’s rampant Jew-hatred, far from being exaggerated by “outsiders,” has been fostered by insiders who then set up the task force to whitewash the school, its faculty, and its administration. 

To draw false equivalences between Israel’s justified counterattack against Hamas and the atrocities that provoked it. 

And to shore up the hard-left political complex in which rank hatred of Jews is laundered via social-justice jargon and junk history into a legitimate form of social protest against the non-existent “colonialism” that allegedly underlies the foundation of Israel and the non-existent “apartheid” that Jew-haters claim reigns there today. 

The task force is a moral disgrace, and anyone blind enough to remain a member now deserves only public shame. 

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