Joe Biden Continuously Deceives Without Consequences

Joe Biden learned his lesson long ago: Lying works — and he’s too old to un-learn it now that it doesn’t.

That’s why he fibs so often, on every imaginable subject.

Just Monday he trotted out an old fave — that he was the first in his family to go to college — at a speech in Wisconsin announcing his massive new student-debt vote-buying plan.

Joe Biden
Joe Biden recently canceled another $7.4B of student debt for hundreds of thousands of borrowers. REUTERS

It’s patently untrue.

His maternal grandfather Ambrose Finnegan attended Santa Clara University, his own dad spent a year at Johns Hopkins, and the prez has previously admitted it’s bunk.

He got called out for it during his first presidential run, nearly four decades ago (that’s the campaign that collapsed after he falsely claimed to descend from a long line of coal miners).

Yet he pathologically retold the lie in a speech announcing a multibillion-dollar giveaway to blue voters, when he had literally zero need to sell the concept with “I’m a working stiff from Scranton” kitsch anecdotes.

Other favorites include his fabricated tale of getting arrested for trying to see South African political leader Nelson Mandela, his insane claim he was at Ground Zero the day after 9/11, and the borderline slander about how the driver who tragically killed his daughter and first wife in a 1972 car crash “drank his lunch.”

And it’s not just personal history: He lies on policy, too.

President Joe Biden is canceling student loans for another 206,000 borrowers, the Education Department announced Friday.
President Joe Biden is canceling student loans for another 206,000 borrowers, the Education Department announced Friday. AP

What else is Bidenomics, if not a lie brazenly told, retold, and told yet again by the president, his flunkeys, and their media lapdogs?

Despite the irrefutable evidence that prices are higher and average Americans are suffering, the White House declared victory on the economic front and tried to make it the centerpiece of Biden’s re-election campaign; no doubt Joe’s still furious that his staff couldn’t make it fly.

Worse, amid Israel’s justified and humane counterattack against Hamas, he invented a canard about the Jewish state’s “indiscriminate bombing” and debuted it at a big-ticket fundraiser to the delight of Hamas and its fifth-column thugs around the globe.

Biden’s problem is that the Big Lie technique worked just fine for most of his career in politics: His decades as one senator in 100, and from a safe blue seat; his time as veep under the biggest celebrity president since Jack Kennedy.

The buck never stopped on his desk until he took office at age 78, too late to change his spots.

So he kept it up, telling the nation the border surge was just “seasonal”; his Afghan bugout, a “great success”; inflation, “transitory” — and any problem that persists is somehow Republicans’ fault.

All without ever changing the course that brought these disasters, and so proving his old boss correct: “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f–k things up,” warned ex-prez Barack Obama.

And so, as poll after poll after poll shows, he’s incinerated the trust of the American voter.

It doesn’t help that most of the media play possum, while Biden and his team live in an echo chamber that completely muffles the rumbling discontent of the public he’s supposed to serve.

And the only way to make Joe finally pay a price for his lies is for the voters to do it in November.

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