Joe Biden stays silent on NYC migrant crisis despite Dems’ pleas

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La la la, I can’t heeear you!

That, in effect, is President Joe Biden’s response to border nightmare he created — which has now spread across the country to the point where even a growing number of his fellow Dems are demanding he do something. 

Wednesday saw 54 Democratic legislators from Gotham alone — i.e. the deepest-blue pool imaginable — sign a letter screaming that the migrant crisis is “one of the most significant humanitarian crises New York City has ever faced” and begging Biden to clean up the chaos at the southern border because “the City is running out of resources.”

Joe’s response? Dead silence. He doesn’t care. 

From literally his first day in office, Biden has worked to undermine border security. 

The result? An ugly disaster at the border, with more than 5 million attempted crossings under Biden and more than a million “gotaways” (migrants spotted but not stopped by border agents). 

Biden’s efforts to get tough are equally surreal: His CBP One app merely lets illegal immigrants schedule a time for their jump-across. And even that system is riddled with loopholes. 

Joe Biden
Joe Biden has been consistently blasted for his handling of the border crisis.

The prez is also — insanely — suing Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for trying to bring some order with a floating barrier in the Rio Grande. 

The influx is crushing border towns like El Paso, and straining cities nowhere near the border, like the Big Apple.

There are around 50,000 migrants in the city’s shelter system, with no end in sight; costs will go north of $4 billion

Asylum-seeking migrants mostly from Venezuela line up outside the Migrant Welcome Center managed by the city of El Paso and the Office of Emergency Management, to board a bus heading to Chicago in El Paso, Texas, October 16, 2022.
Wednesday saw 54 New York Democrats sign a letter screaming that the migrant crisis is “one of the most significant humanitarian crises New York City has ever faced.”
New York Post

Mayor Eric Adams keeps desperately searching for new places to park the never-ending inflow..

No, Biden’s silent because he has nothing to say: This is all 100% by design. 

If he won’t listen to the urgent pleas of his own party compatriots, that shows just how utterly undemocratic his administration truly is. 

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