Joe Biden’s relaxed US border policies have enhanced security risks

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It is uncertain how many terrorists the Biden administration has allowed to slip through our borders. Nobody knows.

Republican lawmakers demanded answers from Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas on Tuesday regarding why a known Somalian terrorist, identified as a member of al Shabaab, was permitted to roam freely in the United States for almost a year.

In March 2023, Border Patrol apprehended the 27-year-old man in California but failed to properly screen him against the terror watchlist, leading to his release. He eventually made his way to Minnesota, where Immigration and Customs Enforcement detained him in January after realizing the mistake.

The potential consequences are alarming.

Just last month, Border Patrol agents captured Basel Bassel Ebbadian, an illegal migrant from Lebanon who confessed

Border Patrol encounters with individuals on the terror watchlist have totaled 70 since October 2023 and 172 in the prior 12 months.

Additionally, more savvy terrorists can pay cartels to help them cross undetected, with the Congressional Budget Office estimating that 860,000 “gotaways” occurred in FY 2023 alone.

FBI Director Christopher Wray recently alerted Congress to a concerning “threat stream” involving a “smuggling network” with ties to ISIS exploiting the Biden administration’s open-border policy to infiltrate the country.

Last week, NYPD uncovered a group of Venezuelan migrant squatters in The Bronx, discovering drugs, ammunition, and firearms, including a “ghost gun,” in their underground hideout.

If a criminal organization can reach that far, a sophisticated terrorist cell could undoubtedly plan an attack as catastrophic as the recent Moscow tragedy, as noted by a federal official in The Post.

President Biden’s decision to open the border would be a breach of his oath of office even if every “asylum seeker” underwent thorough screening before entry.

In reality, the Border Patrol has been so overwhelmed by the surge that the only ones in control of the southern US border are Mexico’s cartels.

It appears inevitable that the ticking time bomb will eventually detonate.

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