Jose Ibarra, The Alleged Killer of Laken Riley, Gets Media Protection Along With Joe Biden

Another day, another brutal crime committed by an illegal migrant — and another blind eye turned by the legacy media.

The Associated Press (currently being sued for its links to Hamas) conveniently failed to mention in a report on the Georgia murder of nursing student Laken Riley that suspected killer Jose Antonio Ibarra crossed the US border illegally.

Instead, the once-venerable news outfit chose to make the story about the fears of “solo female athletes” and cited recommendations that female runners “carry pepper spray or a whistle” and “run during daylight hours or with a friend.”

Sliding right up to the edge of victim-blaming, in other words.

Laken Riley with her parents.
Laken Riley with her parents. Facebook / Allyson Phillips

NBC, meanwhile, buried the inconvenient detail of Ibarra being an illegal migrant waaaaaaay down in the 37th paragraph of a Sunday story on the murder.

Try to imagine clearer examples of left-leaning media outlets carrying water for President Biden over his open-border policies. (And don’t forget to brace yourself for the inevitable wave of pro-Ibarra thinkpieces sure to get pubbed by prog outlets later this week.)

Ibarra, originally from Venezuela, entered the country illegally in September 2022, near El Paso.

He was grabbed up by ICE and cut loose, then bused along with his wife (whom he married so they could better game the Biden asylum system) and her kid to New York City, where they enjoyed taxpayer largesse as he apparently worked illegally in food delivery.

In 2023, he was arrested for carrying the 5-year-old child on his scooter without a helmet; the NYPD let him slip too, and so quickly ICE claims it did not have time to issue a detainer.

So, to be clear: Ibarra crossed our border with total impunity and then kept breaking the law with the same impunity.

And now a promising young woman has been brutally murdered — and only when the tragedy has occurred is Ibarra in custody.

The influx of migrants across the southern US border has been an unmitigated disaster, crushing small towns in the region and big cities around the nation.

It’s pumped massive wealth into the coffers of narco cartels via human trafficking and fentanyl.

And it takes an intimate human toll, with sociopaths like Ibarra traversing the country looking at random for victims.

Laken Riley’s blood is on Biden’s hands. And the hands of DHS chief Alejandro Mayorkas and every other politician and official nationwide who enabled our border erasure.

That any journalist is running cover for them by minimizing this tragedy is beyond obscene.

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