Kamala Harris as President would be more detrimental than Joe Biden

You would think that after three years of Joe Biden’s misbegotten presidency, Americans would have suffered enough and fate would cut us a break. 

But Kamala Harris has other ideas.

As a reminder that things can always get worse, the veep from hell said the four most terrifying words in the English language: “I’m ready to serve.” 

Oh, God, please not that! 

If she gets control of the Oval Office, the last three tumultuous years will be fondly recalled as the good old days.

References to a Harris tenure would be spat out as a curse.

No doubt she raised her hand in hopes of reassuring the party faithful by reminding them of her presence when the White House is reeling from the special counsel’s finding that Biden is basically bonkers.

Out-of-touch veep

But nobody was reassured and beyond revealing how out of touch Harris is about her own standing, her offer to help perfectly captured the Democrats’ dilemma.

Their leader is ailing and failing, their backup is a punchline and their bench is untested and unimpressive. 

Meanwhile, Americans are at each others’ throats and the world is on the verge of an apocalypse. 

Four more years?

No, no and hell no. 

I believed for some time that Biden would get the message and announce he would not seek a second term.

In addition to his decline and performance, I was convinced the evidence of his corruption in connection with his family influence-peddling scheme would make his re-election impossible and he would look for an exit.

One potential avenue of escape was that he would say he was not running for a second term and then, before he left office, pardon his…

Dem ticket from hell

The desperation underscores how insiders fear a Biden-Harris ticket could lead to mass defections among nearly every demographic group Dems count on and hand the election to Donald Trump

Biden is already one of the least popular presidents ever, and not just because of his age and infirmities. His policies are such breathtaking disasters that there is no reason for voters to believe he’ll improve with time.

Quite the opposite.

Every time he opens his mouth and gibberish emerges or he stumbles and stares into the void like he’s lost in space, the message is clear: He’s beyond the point of no return.

The examples of his incompetence are numerous, but the latest one is especially revealing.

Handed a golden opportunity to shut down the border, which is what the majority of Americans desperately want, Biden whiffed. 

Instead of seizing the moment when House Republicans offered a deal, he got too cute by half and revealed that his motive wasn’t to fix what he broke, but rather merely to shift the blame to the GOP. 

As a result, he got nothing and still owns the invasion of up to 9 million people that is destroying American cities, nearly all run by Democrats.

Depressed turnout in swing state urban areas would sink him in November.

Between now and then, it’s hard to see what he can do to change voters’ minds. 

Once they’ve decided you’re over the hill and your own Department of Justice sticks a fork in you by saying you’re too pathetic to indict, there are no magic buttons left to push.

Of course, Trump, who unites Democrats and divides Republicans, could snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

But for Dems to base their hopes on that shows how the script has flipped. 

Clear underdog

Biden, for now at least, looks like a clear underdog.

And his claim that he is the only one who can defeat Trump is losing its punch, with the latest polls putting the Republican on top nationally and winning nearly all the swing states.

Happily, the Democratic Party’s shameful scam of trying to knock Trump off numerous state ballots is almost certain to be rejected by the Supreme Court. 

Another alternative is for Biden to win the primary delegates needed for the nomination, then announce at the August convention he’s dropping out.

That would set off a scramble where party bosses and delegates anoint the nominee.

It would be the most backroom and least democratic maneuver since the primary system became paramount, but it would override a Harris claim of being next in line because she wouldn’t have a prayer of getting a majority of delegates. 

In addition, my colleague, the inestimable Cindy Adams, has been hearing talk about a Michelle Obama candidacy, and her name has popped up elsewhere, too. 

Obama’s obvious advantage is her husband.

If she won the nomination at the convention — which will be in Chicago — he could barnstorm the country as if he were the… Barack Obama could deliver his instructions to Cabinet secretaries in person. 

It all seems rather fanciful, but no more so than imagining Joe Biden taking the oath for a second term.

That’s shaping up as the least likely scenario of all.

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