Kate Middleton should not be ridiculed by TV personalities.

Upon hearing the news of Kate Middleton’s devastating cancer diagnosis on Friday, my heart immediately went out to her.

After that, my thoughts turned to Stephen Colbert, who behaved insensitively by resurrecting an old rumor about Prince William allegedly having an affair with a family friend.

During a monologue on March 12, he mockingly suggested that Kate’s absence might be related to this alleged affair, which only added to the distressing situation.

It must have been a humbling moment for Colbert once he learned the truth.

However, shame seems to be a rare commodity these days.

Colbert, who lost his comedic touch during his anti-Trump stance and advocacy for COVID vaccines, will undoubtedly face criticism for his insensitive comments.

Kate Middleton displaying grace and courage while discussing her cancer treatment. BBC Studios
Stephen Colbert mocking Kate Middleton before her announcement, focusing on rumors of a Prince William affair.

But he wasn’t the only public figure making light of the situation, despite Kensington Palace confirming in January that Kate was recovering from abdominal surgery and wouldn’t be resuming public duties until after Easter.

Public figures like Kim Kardashian joining in the speculation added to the online frenzy surrounding Kate’s absence.

Andy Cohen also contributed by casting doubt on the authenticity of a video showing Middleton shopping and fueling the affair rumors by suggesting Prince William takes after his father in that regard.

Andy Cohen making derogatory remarks about Prince William and Kate Middleton, insinuating affair rumors and a body double. WireImage

Scobie deleted a tweet showing an alarm set for Middleton’s announcement, demonstrating a lack of empathy and respect.

It’s a sad truth that public figures like the royals are subject to ridicule and mockery, and the palace’s mishandling of Middleton’s health crisis only added fuel to the fire.

While laughing at Middleton’s unfortunate Photoshop blunder may seem harmless, it’s important to recognize the real struggles she is facing.

Kate Middleton addressing her children, Charlotte, George, and Louis, during a Christmas service with Prince William. Samir Hussein/WireImage

Despite the public scrutiny and conspiracy theories, Middleton showed grace and composure in her video announcement, thanking supporters and emphasizing her children’s well-being.

In a heartbreaking video, Middleton expressed her gratitude for the outpouring of support and explained how she carefully informed her children of the situation.

While duty to the country is important, Middleton’s first priority is her family.

Kate Middleton spotted on a walk with Prince William, prompting skepticism from some, including Andy Cohen. The Sun

In a culture that glorifies oversharing and sensationalism, Middleton’s dignified silence is a breath of fresh air.

Her strength and resilience in the face of adversity serve as a valuable lesson for all of us.

We can only hope for Middleton’s speedy recovery and continued success on the British throne.

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