Kate Winslet bravely adopts a fake accent for ‘The Regime’

Kate’s new power hour

Kate Winslet is breaking free from British accents on TV.

Her new HBO series “The Regime” is set in a fictional country, allowing her to create her own unique accent.

“Freedom to speak the way we chose to speak because, being it’s an imagined European country, I’m hesitant to sound anything like myself. So I got real f - - king brave [which sounded to me like some real Brit speech].”

“The show was originally called ‘The Palace.’ But we’ve had many programs about Britain’s monarchy, so calling it ‘The Palace’ with me in that role and people knowing my real life sound — not good. I had to come up with something else.”

This royalty-themed show, in which she speaks a Castilian lingo, also features Great Britain’s Hugh Grant.

What accent he mumbles, who knows.

At least one good thing – Meghan Sparkle isn’t in it.

Clarity from a diamond cutter

The Oscars are approaching, and borrowed diamonds are a must for the stars. According to diamond dealer Louie Kestenbaum from West 47th:

“They’re carbon. Millions of years of pressure turn some rock into a diamond. It’s inside the ground. Seeing the plain rock on a street you’d just kick it away. They’re rarer than rubies, emeralds, sapphires. Hard, shiny, they last a lifetime, don’t break.

“The stones are all over but Africa’s a large supply. Most famous, expensive, priceless is the 105-karat $2 billion Mountain of Light in Queen Elizabeth I’s tiara.

“And you can’t change a natural diamond’s color. They’re yellow, red, purple, blue, pink, green. Who knows what until it’s out of the ground. Color is expensive. Red’s rarer than yellow.”

Concerned about losing diamonds? Kestenbaum says: “Pull my office carpet and you’ll find a few small ones. I watch the big ones. I lose some small ones. It’s an industry hazard. Make a ring with 500 little diamonds, you lose a few.”

South pawed

Tommy Tuberville, who has lived in multiple states and works as a senator from Alabama, criticized Biden for enjoying ice cream in NYC while crime rates are a concern for the city.

While New York has its problems, Tuberville seems to be a bigger issue.

A bad ‘slice’

A lawsuit has been filed against Famous Original Ray’s Pizza in New York by Michael Zanolli’s widow after a sharp metal edge on a stool at the restaurant caused serious injury.

Following the incident, Zanolli sought treatment at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center Emergency but unfortunately did not survive.

A man gives his fiancée a diamond engagement ring, only to find out she loves someone else. When he asks for the name of the other man, she refuses, leading him to want to sell the ring to him instead.

Only in New York, kids, only in New York.

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