Killing nuclear power led to an increase in NYC emissions due to green policies on climate

It was surprising to discover that when the Indian Point nuclear power plant was forced to close in 2021, it led to an increase in New York City’s carbon emissions!

Who would have thought that shutting down an emission-free power source would result in the need to rely on other, less environmentally friendly sources to meet the city’s energy demands?

Indian Point was closed before the state’s solar and wind capabilities were ready to replace the lost power on their own.

As a result, natural gas usage and carbon emissions rose significantly.

New York City’s grid is now dirtier than Texas’ and the US average.

This fact is even more bitter considering the celebration around the closure of Indian Point by the state’s green advocates, then-Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and celebrities like Mark Ruffalo.

And kudos are owed to The Guardian’s Oliver Milman, who was able to see this obvious point through the usual leftist climate change haze.

It’s puzzling why left-leaning publications are always late to recognize issues such as the carbon-free value of nuclear plants, the problems with plastics recycling, and the impact of school closures.

Cuomo’s successor Hochul is also problematic on energy policy, as she is pushing to end natural gas usage, driving up costs in the process.

Leftist climate policies seem to be based on idealistic hopes rather than practical solutions.

Unfortunately, average New Yorkers are the ones who end up paying the price for these misguided policies.

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