Letters: Biden Criticizes Trump in Re-Election Speech

The Issue: President Biden’s first re-election campaign speech held in Valley Forge, Pa.

President Biden in Pennsylvania attacked former President Donald Trump on the premise that Trump is the greatest threat to democracy (source). This occurs while Biden kneels to China, fails to adequately respond to a Russian military invasion of Ukraine and allows Iranian surrogate attacks on US military forces in Iraq, Syria and the Red Sea. Biden’s Department of Justice prosecutes and indicts Trump with fallacious charges. Additionally, Colorado, Illinois and Maine are attempting to purge Trump from their ballots. These capricious acts pose the real threats to democracy. So the true threat to the United States is Biden and his cesspool of socialists — not Donald Trump.

Earl Beal

Terre Haute, Ind.

The world is ablaze as President Biden fixates on the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot, attempting to divert attention from the disastrous state of his presidency. There are many examples of his failures — open borders, a 7 million-undocumented-illegal-alien invasion, soaring inflation, the termination of our nation’s energy independence, the weaponization of the Justice Department and the deliberate delay of military aid to Ukraine and Israel, just to name a few. The genuine “threat to our democracy” is Biden himself.

Joe Alloy

Wayne, NJ

In a recent campaign speech, Biden accused Trump of the worst dereliction of duty, blaming him for the Jan. 6, 2020, insurrection. You have that honor, President Biden. You have opened the floodgates to millions of illegal and unvetted asylum seekers. You have betrayed the American people by deliberately ignoring immigration laws to the detriment of American citizens. Let’s hope you’re gone after November.

Joseph Valente

Staten Island

Given Biden’s abysmal tenure as president, it’s not surprising that he has once again resorted to bashing Trump as his cornerstone platform for re-election. Bidenomics has been a colossal failure, marked by a literal invasion of the southern border facilitated by his administration. The stability and cohesiveness of the country have been marred by an affliction with woke ideology. Political unrest is surging. The fact that he has nothing noteworthy to present to the American people — which would otherwise solidify his chance for a second term — proves that his statesmanship as president is nonexistent and woefully devoid of the wisdom and skill required for the office. Sadly, Biden has consistently negated America’s mantle as the leader of the free world.

Denis David

East Rockaway

Biden’s 2024 campaign kick-off event was as disappointing as watching “The Exorcist.” In fact, it felt like there was an exorcism in progress as Biden mentioned Trump’s name a staggering 44 times. According to Biden, the sacred date of Jan. 6 can never be forgotten. Barring the irony of comparing Jan. 6 to a tragedy like 9/11, he provided little evidence to prove that he should be re-elected to lead our country. Instead, Biden will continue vilifying his main opponent Trump. A campaign built on hate and divisiveness should not succeed — our country deserves better.

Alice Dally


Biden’s speech marked one of the worst performances by a president in our nation’s history. He portrays himself as a savior of democracy, with his attacks on Trump being the central focus of his campaign. However, Biden’s administration has done more to erode individual freedom than any preceding administration. He wields the Justice Department against his enemies and utilizes both big tech and compliant media to disseminate a constant stream of propaganda supporting his presidency. All this weak old man seems capable of is smearing his opponent and using fear to intimidate American voters.

Robert DiNardo


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