Letters from Osama bin Laden’s TikTok Supporters

The Issue: Osama bin Laden’s “Letter to America” going viral among young leftists on TikTok.

If we needed another reason to ban TikTok, then I’d say we have the final nail in the coffin (“Fangirls for thugs who hate women,” Kirsten Fleming, Nov. 17).

Indoctrinated kids are now claiming that after reading Osama bin Laden’s letter, their minds were blown and their outlook on life changed.

I can’t think of a scarier moment than this. Anyone agreeing with this missive is now saying 9/11 was warranted. I am blown away, too.

The horror of that day is fresh in my mind, and I still can’t believe those towers are gone. President Ronald Reagan was right: It only takes a generation.
If anyone doesn’t believe the next election will affect the fate of the nation, then I’d suggest reading The Post today.

I am seriously shocked here. My mouth is agape.

James Schwartz

Summit, NJ

It amazes me how many young women agree with bin Laden’s “Letter to America.”
Do they realize that to bin Laden, women are the property of men, that girls shouldn’t be taught in schools past the age of 12, that old men can marry young girls, and that men have the right to punish their wives?
America’s education system is a cesspool of anti-American propaganda.

Bruce Collins

Middletown, NJ

In this country’s continuing descent into insanity, this latest example is, unfortunately, just the next logical step.

These children — and that’s what they are, children — are easily brainwashed and unable or unwilling to think critically.

Since elementary school, they have been indoctrinated by teachers, media personalities, Hollywood celebrities and entertainers who have poisoned their minds into being rabidly anti-American and anti-Western. These children are the very definition of “useful idiots.”

There is no easy solution because of the entrenchment of left-wing ideology throughout our institutions, especially our schools and media.

Let them live under what they wish for — which more and more seems like authoritarian sharia law. That will knock some sense into these bin Laden groupies.

Joseph J. Grassi

Port St. Lucie, Fla.

Fleming has a great proposal for some of these Gen Z TikTokers.

I’m guessing not one of these young people lost a loved one or friend to bin Laden and his brainwashed band of sociopaths.

Most frightening is that the left was so eager to prohibit conservative speech on social media, but bin Laden’s letter seemed to initially pass muster.

Be careful what you wish for, ladies, because you may not understand the true purpose of Bin Laden’s rant.

I witnessed the carnage deliberately delivered by that group. Not a day goes by without my remembering in some way that terrible atrocity.

Kevin Judge

Naples, Fla.

The utter lack of sense and basic morality of these TikTok users is just astounding.

Eradicating protesting, alternative opinions on gender views and different religious views would be the first goal of the very people they support. Free speech would be done away with.

Amy Hendel


These so-called “TikTok influencers” only influence morons, who perceive themselves as relevant.

The only important aspect of their imbecilic gibberish is that TikTok provides them with a platform to share it.

The fact that we allow such an unproductive social-media platform to exist is a by-product of the woke depravity that has permeated every aspect of American culture.

Denis David

East Rockaway

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